Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Two-A-Days, New Product Reviews!

Hello! I hope you're having good Tuesdays! Mine was pretty slammed - got up early, walked 1/4 mile, ran 2 miles, then walked 1/4 mile, then went through an all-day training class. It was a good class, but I hated being cooped up in a room, all day, with no windows and only cookies and pizza. Seriously. I told Austin and he said, "you're kidding, right?" That sounds amazing. LOL It wasn't, but I did see his point, not the end of the world!

Quick backtrack, yesterday I did my double workouts:
  • a.m.: 1/4 mile, 1-mile run, 11 minutes on the stairclimber; abs
  • Lunchtime: 2 1/4 mile walk; back and chest
Not bad! 3.5 miles, stairclimber and some ST - good day. Other than that I just worked, and tried out a few new products...
Now I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals only because I prefer making meals myself! However, sometimes they're just absolutely handy and necessary. I tried this one and just loved it. Such great sauce (really saucy enchiladas are awesome), and I loved the beans and little tofu bites. It was very filling and a meal I definitely plan to have in the freezer just in case!
I loved these little peanut butter sandwich crackers! You can have 12 for only 150 calories, and I thought that the serving was filling, too. I think my favorite part was that they were bitesize!!
Well these were just ridiculous. The serving size was 2 cookies and I swear they tasted like cookie dough. They melted in your hand and were incredibly soft. Be warned - addictive doesn't even begin to cover it, but so long as you're capable of holding yourself to no more than 2 in a serving (hehe!) you should try them!

Q: Have you tried any of the above? Did you like them?

Q: What's your favorite frozen meal? This is mine. Really - that good. I DO like Amy's stuffed shells too... but this one wins!

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