Friday, June 3, 2011

Florida Bound, Beach Meal Plan, New Slowcooker Curry

That's so funny! I had never had sliders until last fall when I made t hem for a football get together, and I thought I was far behind the curve! Yesterday was a busy one! I got up early again, had a banana and hopped in the car with Austin for the gym! This time I did a short run (1 mile at 6.3 mph) sandwiched by a 1/2 mile walk (1/4 mile on front and 1/4 mile on back). I also did the following:

25 L-shoulder raises (5-pound dumbbells)
50 jumping jacks
25 walking lunges with leg kick back (body weight)
25 Arnold shoulder presses (10-pound dumbbells)
25 squats (5-pound dumbbells)

Then I did abs and called it a workout! HRM said: 39 minutes and 260 calories; 19 fat-burning minutes and 20 fitness minutes; Avg HR 138; Max HR 173. I headed home, worked all a.m., took my lunch to pack the car and take the pups to their beloved boarders (they really love them... thank god!), worked more and then we were off to Destin for our Couple's weekend to celebrate Jimmy & Mary's 5-year anniversary! Yes, long car ride, which included a Starbucks stop, chats with Austin, switch off to ride with Teresa and chat with her, and the like. When we got in we just unloaded the car, got our pre-prepped food in the fridge, did a Winn-Dixie run for ice, had a few drinks, played spades, and called it a night!

As far as food, we packed a ton! Here's what it looks like for the next few days:

post-its in front just helped me make sure I didn't miss a meal!

Thursday: breakfast and lunch (at home/already made); (dinner) skillet chili mac with corn

chicken soft tacos (best ever!)
skillet chili mac with corn
spinach-mushroom pizza
egg-soaked ham and bacon breakfast pizza
breaded breakfast chicken sandwich - need to take a new pic of this yumminess!
Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken Curry
Makes 4 Servings
Adapted from Salt & Paprika

Nutritional Information: 419 calories, 49 carbs, 9 fat grams and 31 protein grams.

No, it's not necessarily beach food. Okay, it's not beach food at all. BUT, it's officially the best curry I've ever made. And probably one of the easiest too. Austin doesn't ask for a lot of things but he DID ask for me to double this recipe and bring half to the beach so there you go. If you want to try an Inidian recipe or a slow cooker one I strongly suggest this one - and yes, it's too bad it's not prettier in photos! :( Check out the Recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: You're staying somewhere for four nights - do you unpack or spend the time out of your suitcase? I unpack every. single. thing. Or at least open it all up in the walk-in closet so I can easily get stuff in and out.

Q: What's one recipe that you always get requests for? Austin, like I mentioned, rarely puts in requests, but when he does it's for this new curry, stuffed shells or lasagna - he loves his Indian and Italian!

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