Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loving Technology: My 3 New Favorite Sites

So I don't know about you, but these are the sites that I've been LOVING lately, outside of your blogs, polyvore, etc.!
1. Pinterest
It's basically a place for you to create virtual inspiration board. You can name them 'books to read,' 'recipes to make,' 'party -planning ideas,' whatever. Then, you can add the button to your toolbar. Now, whenever you're browsing around and see something you like, you just click 'pin it' and choose which of your boards you want it to go to, and add a description like 'this would be cute for a 30th birthday party' or whatever. It's set up to share with facebook friends, you can follow others boards, they can follow yours, etc. Easy to use, fun, and definitely gives you access to tons of great ideas! How did I find it? Through my analytics. I kept seeing pinterest, looked it up, and found my recipes there! Sweet readers like Sharon and Melinda posted some of my recipes! :)
2. Turntable.
This site is the bomb. Basically, you go in to a room and you can DJ (the 5 at the top) by adding songs to your queue (all songs in system - you just run a search). When people 'awesome' it, you get DJ points. The people are the little fellas out on the 'dance floor.' When they 'awesome' it, their little heads bob to the beat. It's great. You can go into a 90's room, Indy room, whatever. You can stick on your headphones and just listen, or awesome/lame things, or chat - whateva. I found my stepsister in there a few weeks ago (links through Facebook to show you which of your friends are in which roms) and we chatted for a while! So fun! It's beta only, so if you want an invite email me at kellyfittingbackin@gmail.com. I'm in there as Kelly Shaw Martin. Original, I know. :) How did I find it? Through my husband - he LOVES it -and it's fun because we can get in a room together when we're not together and kind of hang out/listen to music!

3. Google Plus/Circles. 
Love it. Love the idea, love the possibilities, love the thinking behind it. It's so duh, but yet brilliant. The video above got me going yes, yes, yes. Now i'm just waiting for an app that will migrate all of my Facebook stuff because i'm too lazy to do it myself. True Story. How did I find it? Combo deal - I think Austin got me to do it last month, but now it seems like it's everywhere! Austin also sent me that video above which TOTALLY sold me.

Q: Are you a Pintesrest or Turntable fan?!

Q: Circles or Facebook or neither? I was neither until 2004 when I caved, now I'm on Facebook and don't hate it but do have to go to a lot of trouble to make sure my privacy settings are in tact and sometimes it's less scary to just not post! I think Circles is the future for me, again, once it's easier to migrate!

K - quick update now! Yesterday was a busy one! It started out with a workout: I ran 1 mile, walked 1/4 mile, and did 10 minutes on the stairmill. Then I went to work where I had the yummy Mexican Breakfast Burritos with Avocado.  Then it was just work, working through lunch, more work, before heading home to the pups, an episode of True Blood with Austin and prep for the next day. Pretty standard! And i'm out - happy Tuesday - hope you have a good one!

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