Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Bedroom Evolution

It's almost Friday - YESSSSSSS!! I hope you've had good weeks, and are looking forward to fun weekends! Tomorrow night is chill night, then Saturday we have a Steely Dan concert and Danielle's 30 birthday bar crawl! Then Sunday is chill/rest/probably work day. I hope to take a spin class Saturday too - we'll see! So, it's been a year since I've been working on (slowly) updating our bedroom - it's getting SO close to being done - just need a couple of new pieces. For now - here is the latest update - the evolution of our bedroom!

BEFORE - August 2009 (just moved in; chocolate/cranberry; no night stands; new lamps

August 2010 - (new, lighter colors, new pillows, new green accents and new night stands)

June 2011 (new dresser, a bit of new accents and art)

AFTER August 2011 - new art, new, smaller lamps - we like it SO much better! And again - more bright!
Before & After Shot
Click to make larger - LOVE the new art - really helps fill the space and, to me, make it more homey!
Hope you like the changes we made! The great thing is we can always go back - stuff is just shuffled all over the house. The lamps are now in the guest room and living room, and i'm just updating other lamps! The new lamps, in case you like them/are looking for small lamps, are from Crate & Barrel. I had found them a while back, but they were $60 each - not worth it for the size (small) lamps I was looking for! Well I went in with a $100 gift card from my sweet co-workers (birthday gift!) and they were on sale for $20 each. A steal - love 'em. I wanted the art to be the focus while giving us more surface space. As far as the art, Ikea frames (20"x28") for $20 each - so $80 in lamps + frames, and about $6 for the fabric inside, which matches the pillow I got in NY at the street fair!

Q: Are you a lamp person? What is your favorite thing to buy for your home? I love lamps and pillows! And frames - but i'm bad about having pictures printed for them - eek!

Q: What are you doing this weekend?!

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Savannah said...

I love the evolution of your bedroom! The art you created and hung on either side of your bed is my fav detail. Great work!