Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly Workouts, New Work Clothes!

Happy Saturday! I'm SO BEHIND on blog reading - eek! Hope to catch up this afternoon, and hope i'll find that you all had good weeks! Here's what's been up with me, outside of our bedroom redo - thank you for your sweet comments! We're so happy with it!

Wednesday: a.m. workout (strength training - biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs).
Snapped this on my phone - love an empty classroom to do my workouts in!
After my a.m. workout, I just worked, and then went back to the gym during lunch for a 3 1/4 mile walk. Then more work and home to the family!

Thursday I worked, then took my lunch break to visit H&M! Found SO many great finds, including these:
I got the pencil skirt in black & gray!
Loved this top! Love it with jeans and with tan slacks
Loved this top with slacks
Got this cardi in gray - so fun! Love the long ones!
I couldn't find everything on line, but did get a few more shorter cardigans, two more dress tops and a belt. Great finds! I also got these slacks at Ann Taylor.

Lots of luck! Then I just worked more, and after work it was laundry, cooking, fun with pups and movie with Austin - no workouts but a great day!

Friday I woke up early and ran 2 miles at 6.3, walked 1/4 mile at 4 mph and did abs. Then it was shower time, Starbucks time and more work. I met Austin at the mall during lunch and hit up Zara - more on that once I gather pics, then I worked more, ended up working until 7 before I came home to PJs and movie night exhausted. I think I was asleep by 9:30 - for real!

Q: What's your work style like? My company used to be on the casual side of business, but more and more people are showing up in full on suits, so I'm enjoying getting more business types of clothes - I see slacks, pencil skirts, long cardis, skinny belts, capes - lots of separates! While I LOVE my dresses, i'm having fun in this new world of separates!

Q: You working out today? I got in my spin clothes, got my stuff together and made the 15-minute trek to the gym to find NO SPOTS. I had no book for walking, no pod for running, and no energy for anything but spin. So I left, sad, and went to the grocery store. Now i'm cooking more, naturally!

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