Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Watch, New Bag, New Skirt, New Top = YAY

So I mentioned my haul of new clothes and accessories... You should know that I suffer from buyer's remorse. Always have. I can be given a $25 gift card and use it to spend $10 on something I need and feel guilty. Annoying! Clearly, I get over it pretty quick, but I still don't know that i'm ready to do a full tally and/or photo of everything together in one big gluttonous pile my finds. So we'll start here with what I wore yesterday!
NOTE TO SELF: Do not take pictures on  a Monday that started at 6 a.m. and ended with working late and getting home at 8 p.m. - I look so tired - eek!
Ah - much better - no tired face! I mean, er, a close-up on the stuff so you can get a better look. Yes, that's it!
New Items! Note: only including prices if it's a good deal/crazy cheap - otherwise I shall block out the actual cost in hopes of reducing my guilt. This disclaimer is being sponsored by denial.
  • Coach bag found at Coach outlet: Here it is on the site for $300. (the Madison Op Art Sateen). BUT, the outlet had it on sale for 50% off, and then 30% off that. I got it for $102. SUCH a steal. 
  • Coach watch found at Coach store (no watches at outlet). Had a $50 gift certificate so it definitely made it more affordable, still a little pricey though. :( It's the Classic Signature Large Bracelet Watch. I wanted the boyfriend watch SO BAD, but it was the size of my face. Sad. So Austin + awesome sales lady talked me into this one instead!
  • Ann Taylor Outlet Skirt: $70 on sale for $26. Only one I could find that was fully lined, part of a suit collection - LOVE IT.
  • H&M Top: $30 - not on sale.
That's all of the new items for today - other than that just rocking the new necklace i'm still loving and wearing every day, and the Steve Madden peeptoes my bridesmaids wore in my wedding (my sis gave me her pair!). And as far as Monday in a nutshell, got up early and ran 2 miles at 6.3 mph, and walked 1/4 mile. Then I worked from 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. - no lunch break - WAY too much to do. Then I got home at 8, took pictures, packed work out clothes and passed out. True story. LAME.

Q: What are your work hours? I'm usually an 8 to 5er. I shall resume this schedule ASAP! :)

Q: Do you wear a watch? I never have. The iPhone was all I needed with it's huge digital clock at the touch of a button. The Blackberry however is annoying. You have to like press the top, then this other button and the time is smaller than my pinkie finger nail, alas, a watch became a necessity!

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