Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tin Foil Chicken Before & After

On December 9, 2008, I made a recipe called Tin Foil Chicken. This was probably in the first 20 recipes I'd ever made! It involved putting chicken, veggies and sauce in a foil pack and baking it - we loved it! But it had some issues in that the potatoes tasted kind of raw and it was messy (sauce was too thin). I've been meaning to redo it for years. Literally. And we finally did a couple of weeks ago! Here is the before & after:
After: In a bowl to help with soupiness/mess; with rice to absorb it instead of potatoes.
Before - see what I mean about the super thin sauce? And while you can't tell, I worry the potatoes just baked a different temperature than the rest - boo.
Still a great, healthy, easy recipe - but we like the new version even better! See the recipe at Healthified Kitchen. 

Q: Do you ever re-do recipes? 

Q: Ever make tin foil packs? If so - what is your favorite?!

And real quick: today in a nutshell! 7 a.m. dentist appointment, so no a.m. workout. Worked through lunch (I know! I'm not supposed to do this - eek!), home early to the fam to cook a bit, watch Entourage and chill. It's TOM Day #1 so mis-er-a-ble - ugh. I KNOW tomorrow will be better and I plan to go for a run regardless - even if I can't - i'll walking but i'm going that's the key! I missed not working out today! And the GOOD for today: I got a lot done at work, my new tummy medicine is helping, me and Austin found another new quinoa dish we enjoyed (more on that later!), and I got in chill time tonight - yay!

Q: What was the GOOD in your day?!

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