Monday, September 12, 2011

Lateral Ellipticals, Two Celebrations, Baby Dane!

Happy Monday! Quick Weekend Update: Saturday was spent doing a lot of celebrating! It began with a trip to the gym: I ran a mile, walked 1.25 miles and did 10 minutes on this machine. It's basically an elliptical trainer, but it focuses on side-to-side (lateral) movement rather than forward movement like most. I was pouring sweat on this thing - and my inner and outer thighs were like what in the world are you doing? haha

After my workout, I ran home, mixed up some sliders and buffalo chicken mix and headed over to Andy & Monica's for the Auburn game. We got there around noon and watched the Auburn game while preparing for Andy's birthday! Monica was throwing him a great party at the casa! I made lunch/football-watching food: fiesta sliders, black bean burger sliders and buffalo chicken wontons - yum! (recipes coming soon!). Monica made everything under the sun! Seriously - like 4 different salads, meatballs, pizza dip, boiled peanuts - you name it! Everything was yummy and they had a great turnout! Here's some pics: 
Yummy spread!
This salad with poppy seed dressing was fabulous!
And who doesn't love amazing mini cupcakes?!
Mon & Her sis hitting Mon's buffet!
The girls I spent the day with - Nicole, Laura, Steph, Mon, LA and me - bad pic of me :( 
My sister came later and brought Dane! (and of course her husband Zach hehe) Not the best picture of Dane bug - sorry, Dane!
Dane & Uncle Austin!
Dane's dinnertime with his beautiful mother!
Dane LOVED some Andrew!
And he loved the Tuerk sisters!
The cute Porters :)
SUCH a great time! And an Auburn win on top of all of the fun! We narrowly (again!) won the game - this time against Mississippi State. The pups were there too of course and had a great time - only one accident - yay! Sunday was spent resting, relaxing, and watching movies with Austin. We did laundry, we cooked, we played with the pups, we prepared for the week - GREAT day!

Q: Ever tried one of these lateral elliptical machines? Now that i've done a bit of research on them it seems like the Helix is pretty popular - looks cool - need to see if any of these gyms i'm attending have one!

Q: Make anything yummy this weekend? My first time on the black bean burgers AND on the buffalo chicken wontons - loved 'em both - woo!

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