Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Bean Sliders, Two-a-Days

I'm SO EXCITED today! Parenthood, Glee, and 90210 are back - YAY. But more so, Ringer debuts - OMG the end of my empty tivo is OVER! One new show starting today - 13 more to go! Speaking of TV, did anyone watch the end of Entourage? While I was relatively happy with how it all ended up, the Ari epilogue pissed me off (such a cop out to me!) and I thought it was tidied up too quickly. Only 8 episodes in the last season just did not work for me!

On another note - I have a recipe to share!
Black Bean Fiesta Burgers
Makes 4 large burgers or 12 mini burgers for sliders

Nutritional Information: one large pattie - 205 calories, 38 carbs, 2 fat grams and 9 protein grams; one mini pattie – 66 calories, 12 carbs, <1 fat gram and 3 protein grams. For sliders, adding potato buns and sour cream; each: 161 calories, 30 carbs, 2 fat grams and 7 protein grams. I had two mini patties on two potato rolls which each had ½ tbsp fat-free sour cream each. This comes out to: 322 calories, 60 carbs, 4 fat grams and 14 protein grams.

We loved them! Oddly enough, they tasted kind of like Amy’s breakfast burritos – so much so that Austin suggested we take the big pattie and use it to fill a medium-size tortilla for breakfast burritos! Great flavor, love the fiesta flavor, and truly think that you could take the breadcrumbs down if you want to reduce the calories a bit – up to you. I’m a huge fan and love that it was so filling, but yet had no meat. New favorite for us – so glad we tried it! We even reheated them for breakfast and I found two to be a great, filling breakfast - fabulous! Check out the recipe on healthified kitchen!

Quick recap of yesterday: a.m. workout of 1-hour strength training class followed by a 1-mile run and 1/4-mile walk. Then just work, work, meetings, work before my lunch workout of a 2-mile-walk + back + biceps with Stacy! Two-a-days are back! Then it was just more work, home to the fam, cooking a few recipes, watching the Entourage finale and calling it a night - not too shabby for a Monday!

Q: Have a favorite meatless breakfast? Mine right now is this one - Mexican Breakfast Burritos with avocado - I can see this one/revamped becoming a new fave!

Q: Tuning in to any new or returning shows tonight?! I'm. So. Excited.

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