Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Spin Class, Livestrong bikes?, Ringer Review

LIVESTRONG LS9.9IC Indoor Cycling Bike - Dick's Sporting Goods
How is it not Friday yet?! Longest. week. ever. Already! haha Quick update on yesterday: In the a.m. I took my first spin class at my new company gym.  GREAT class. My favorite part? The Livestrong spin bikes! They had an electronic console to track your RPM/distance/time - so the instructor could tell us "you should be between 90 and 100 or whatever at a level 8 resistance" and we could better determine what that is, if we we were following what the instructor intended, etc. Does that make sense? haha I found a pic of it and have been reading reviews- they seem favorable. My time was 56 minutes and the distance was 27.7 km (17.2 miles) - is this good? Sound right? Need improvement? I know it's more important that you got a good workout - to me high resistance/slower songs/more concentrations means less mileage, right? So many questions - would love your thoughts!

So, for me, Pros: TWO water bottle slots, ability to track RPM, ability to track distance, can wear a chest strap and it reads your heart rate; very smooth ride; very quiet/no noise; cool handlebars - ability to grip in lots of different ways.

Cons: uncomfortable seat (the seat is almost too wide - I got sore from a spin bike which I haven't gotten in a long time but it was like on the way outside of my butt - weird); most bikes get easier when you stand, this one didn't and if anything got harder; the resistance wasn't a lever it was a dial so it was hard to tell visually how hard you were working (it was like left is less and right is more); it was heavy/clunky to move.

Anywho - GREAT class! After spin I just worked, then worked through lunch (meetings!), then worked more before heading home to work (more!) before hanging with the fam! I did carve in time to watch that new Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer show. I wanted to love it. I love her. I want this to be her comeback, but I worry. The filming was really bad. Distractingly bad. You could just see the green screen and it looked almost homemade at times - so weird! I'm definitely going to give it another shot but was disappointed in the quality and worry it will hurt ratings/the show's success. Also, do you any of you watch ABC's Family The Lying Game? This reminded me of that - more adult nature but similar deal... and sad to say but the ABC Family version (for tweens!) is better made. True story..

Q: Watch Ringer? What did you think if you did?!

Q: I still don't have spin shoes. I heard the clips are different so I should wait. What is your take on this? And if you think I should get them - what kind should I get?! I hear it makes the workout even better and am in - so long as the clips are universal or else i'll need to wait until I make my gym decision!

K - i'm out! Tomorrow I have a book review to share (James Patterson's Cross Country) and a recipe to share - Buffalo Chicken Wontons!! And yes, my bum is STILL sore today - sad!

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