Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Gym! Time to Make another 'Gym Decision'

True story. LOL I saw this picture this a.m. and was like yes, yes, yes - I can't wait to have time to collapse and wallow and feel sorry for myself for my lack of free time lately. When it's all said and done I hope to have wonderful news with you all to share in the next couple of weeks!! In the meantime, it's still a little crazy. But never too crazy to squeeze in a blog post! :)

Quick Updates: I'm feeling better! Still a little tired and have the nasty cough, but the bulk of the congestion and deep exhaustion is GONE. Still drinking lots of fluids and taking it easy though!

I did my first post-brochitis workout yesterday (hadn't worked out since Friday!). I just ran 1.5 miles, walked .5 miles and did abs. I thought I would die, in a good way. I'm going to go for another heavy cardio workout tomorrow!

My new gym at work is officially open! I love it- it's huge, has 10+ treadmills and lots of elipticals, arc trainers and bikes; a great weight room; a room with a huge TV/DVD player and DVDs like Insanity, P90 and Shred you can borrow -or bring your own. And the best part - a big class area where they're offering 4 classes each day: 1 in the a.m.; 2 back to back between 11 - 1 p.m. (lunch hour) and 1 after work. I haven't gotten to try any yet but I'm excited! Body Pump, Spin, Bootcamp - you name it. They also have a towel service - LOVE not having to bring my own. Here's some pics!
Love all of the fans and the big gigundo one! The TVs are super nice too and almost every piece of cardio equipment has its own that connects to your iPod, or you can just watch TV on it, or choose a cityscape or whateva to run through.
This is the main room - there are sub rooms for abs, free weights, classes, etc.
Love the shower area - the whole room is drained which is nice/clean - and each shower stall as the entry way with hooks before another shower curtain where you actually shower, so you can undress/dress in privacy.
There are 7 of these little get-ready stations! They also have cute baskets with blowdryers, flat irons, etc.; they provide lotions, q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, scope/mini cups and bags for dirty clothes!
Now I have a decision to make:

  • New Gym in my building (free)
  • Parent Company gym one mile from my building (free)
  • LA Fitness ($30/month) - two about 2 miles from my building; 3 about 8 miles from my house.
  • Potential new gym ($15/month) - 1 mile from my house
I'm thinking of joining the potential new gym because it's super close to the house, easier to go on work from home day and on weekends. And bonus - Austin goes there! Normally it's $25/month, but Austin got a special rate and it's only $15 for me to add on! 

Now I just need to decide if I should quit LA - the gym at work may end up being a great substitute (and a free one!) Not going to make any decisions until I try out spin and just see how it goes working out alongside my co-workers. Not going to lie, yesterday's run was a little weird among a lot of VPs and men. haha We'll see - it was GREAT to get ready, lock my stuff in, and hop on an elevator to my office! I also met some really nice ladies while getting ready!!

Q: Do you have a company gym? How do you feel about working out with your co-workers?

Q: Anything big going on in your life right now that's making it hard to squeeze in free time?!

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