Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Slowcooker Recipe, New HWY Exit, Arc Trainer?!

Happy (Auburn football) Saturday!!! Excited to go to Andy & Mon's for a day and evening of football watching while celebrating Andy's birth!! Backing up real quick - Thursday was another day of no workouts, just work, work, work. I DID get to sleep in a bit and while annoyingly enough I still didn't feel 100%, I felt more like myself (yay!) and had more energy. I got a lot of work done, no workouts, but did cook a bit. Here's a new recipe!
Creamy Slowcooker Pork Chops
Makes 4 Servings
Recipe adapted from

Nutritional Information: 452 calories, 58 carbs, 7 fat grams and 36 protein grams.

If you like super soft, fall-apart pork chops in a creamy sauce you're good with this recipe! It was really creamy and I loved the softened onions - they added a lot. The first time I made it (sans minced garlic) I felt it needed something - so I added the garlic and it made the difference. Yummy slowcooker dish! Check out the recipe at Healthified Kitchen!

Friday I got up early and went to the new company gym  - love it! Thanks for your comments about it, it's kind of making a day. Well, that and the new exit they installed at Hammond Drive.  Long story short on that: I work off exit 5 and live off exit 9. I can usually get up and down 400 hwy in about 10 minutes, even in rush hour. HOWEVER, because exit 5 was the only place to get on 400 (the other exits were far away and it's a business/hospital district) it would take me up to THIRTY minutes just to get on the dang hwy. Georgia Dot recognized this extreme bottleneck and put forth millions of dollars to make a new exit that, get this, only allows you to go one way! So you can go NORTH from exit 5 to exit 9, or SOUTH from exit 9 to exit 5 - so you only get half the traffic and this just happens to be my commute. BEST NEWS EVER and has cut down my total commute by about 15-20 minutes. HUGE, right?
“This project will ease traffic, improve safety and provide a new gateway into and out of one of the most congested areas of metro Atlanta." - President and CEO of Perimeter Improvement Districts.
AMEN!!! Anyway, I worked out (and used the new exit on the way in!). I ran a mile, walked a 1/2 mile and did 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer. First time on an Arc Trainer. Kind of loved it...
Yes, I did go through Google images to find a girl who somewhat resembled me. LOL I'm a weirdo.
I plugged my ear buds in and watched an episode of Frasier. hehe I would have gone longer but had to get upstairs to that pesky job thing. :) Then I preceded to meeting after meeting, working over lunch and working until 6:30 - oopsie. I will say it felt great to get on top of some things I was worried were falling off the radar. After work I headed home, had a beer with Austin, went to the grocery store, stopped for some fro yo, watched an episode of Fringe and called it a night!

Q: Ever tried an Arc Trainer? What do you think about them?

Q: Ever had a construction project improve your life? 

Q: Eat porkchops? What's your favorite pork chop recipe?!

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