Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weekly Workouts, TV Update

Happy Hump Day! Still not believing it's already Wednesday, but i'm going to go with it - woo! Quick updates on my weekly workouts! Monday: Home sick with tummy trouble - finally made it to the gym in the evening but took it easy. Just ran a mile, walked a half mile, did 5 minutes on the lateral elliptical machine and about 10 minutes of abs - not bad! Then it was home to the fam for chill night.

Tuesday: Tuesday two-a-days were BACK! The tummy felt better (hopefully just a bug I never meet again!) and so I did a light a.m. workout (biceps & shoulders). Then I worked, worked through lunch, then headed down after work for a 'rip & ride' class (part spin; part strength) - but it was full! DANG. That happens to me far too often. Instead of sulking and leaving the gym like I so wanted to - I decided to run. I ran 2.5 miles at 6.3, then walked a half mile at 4 mph, then did back & legs. Good, sweaty workout!  Then it was home to the fam & fall TV, which brings me to updates!

Really?... Really?
Hart of Dixie: I liked it. I read someone say it was like Doc Hollywood and Sweet Home  Alabama had a baby, and its name was Summer Roberts from the OC. I totally agree with this so what's not to like? Well, as usual, it made me ashamed to be a southerner from Alabama as the depictions of this geographic region are absurd. I mean really. Pros: cute story, has some arches that could be fun, big fish/small pond thing going on, I'm a Rachel Bilson fan, I like her clothes. Cons: Kinda cheesy, campy and condescending. I give it a B- and will continue watching (such a glutton for punishment over here).

Also, Terra Nova: The premiere was 2 hours. oy. But me and Austin buckled down and watched it last night. Pretty good. Jurassic Park meets Dawson's Creek with a dash of Lost. Definitely has a mystery arch which is fun, and I liked the scenes from 'our future' and why we had to 'go back.' And of course being of the Jurassic Park generation I'm obsessed with any scene that had a dinosaur and loved that, like Jurassic Park, these characters also came in contact with herbivores first (so convenient). The mom is a little too passive for me, the dad too rouge and the son too stupid (really? first day and you're just going to head 'OTG' = outside the gate? Stoopy), but i'm in for a couple more episodes now that the stage is set. I give it a B- as well. 

In shock that there are no A's for me! Geez! Perhaps i'm being too hard on the line up? No, no, I refuse to lower my expectations of what good TV should be!

Q: Did you watch either of these shows? If so, what did you think?!

Q: Ever done a spin + strength training class? it was weird. good weird. I think I love it!

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