Thursday, October 13, 2011

A.M. Workouts Are Saving Me; Inner & Outer Thigh Move

It's Thursday?! Wha?? Having a super busy week, but it's been a pretty good one! I will say, lunch workouts and after-work workouts have been impossible - TGFAMW! (that's thank god for a.m. workouts - no? lame? LOL) So I STILL need to go through the pics from Teresa's 30th Birthday last weekend! But, did want to share this pic now:
Teresa used one of my menus! She used a variation of the menu I used for my sister's baby shower: Pasta Bar! It had to be tweaked a bit to include additional people, but I was so thrilled and beyond flattered that she wanted to use one of my event menus!! Teresa did SO much pre-work on the food (bought all of the food, diced up the veggies, pureed some of the sauces, made the signs, etc.). I got in Saturday and cooked them up, then we all packaged them and took a tray over to the party site! In addition to the above, we did the bread, two salads and T did some yummy side items (meatballs and spinach dip - absolutely) - not to mention her insane dessert bar (two-tier cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, pumpkin cookies, buckeyes and more!). Outside of cooking, here's what's been up!

Monday was Day 1 for the new coordinator on my team - so it was a busy, busy day of onboarding! I did a 2-mile run and 1/2 mile walk + abs in the a.m. But the rest of the day was work, work, work before going home to watch Fringe and eat dinner with Austin!
We love you, Fringe!
Tuesday was Day 2 of onboarding - which was a day filled with meetings, meetings over lunch, etc. I did the same as the day before - 2-mile run and 1/2 mile walk + abs in the a.m. And then headed home after work for family night, dinner and The Good Wife!
Calinda makes the Good Wife! We think she should get paid a 'babillion' dollars a  year, she solves all of their cases!
Wednesday was a much more relaxing day - less meetings, more time to work. I started the day with an a.m. workout of 'Fast & the Furious' bootcamp class. Ugh. Miss Chris just KILLS. She sets up the class with two areas. So if i'm in Area 1, I'm given an strength training exercise (let's say dips). I do dips, as many as I can, for 20 seconds. Then I take a 10 second break. This repeats like 8 times. In the meantime, the group in Area 2 is doing a cardio exercise (let's say jumping jacks). They do those while we do ours, then we switch. During the second part, she sets up new exercises/equipment/etc. GREAT stuff, but when she goes into that little closet filled with equipment it's like her little closet of torture devices! Example: She set up step benches and wove a reistance band through the step. We had to sit on the bench, hook the handles to our shoes, lay on backs, put legs up, then spread legs as an X, cross in, and repeat. UGH. I'm so sore today! I found a video that illustrated it, except we crossed in between. Whatever- painful regardless and it just looks like a special form of torture, right? Something about the pressure of being "buckled in"!

Q: What's your favorite 'thigh' move?

Q: Have any of your friends or family ever recreated your dish or menu? My friends are super sweet about telling me when they make a dish from the blog - love it! Great to see how they prepared it, so I can change it up the next time! 

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