Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Weekend on The Plains& the Easiest Food for a Crowd EVER

Hey! Happy Sunday! Hope you're having awesome weekends! Mine was GREAT but BUSY with what felt like nonstop going, going, going! Backing up, Thursday was a work day - no workouts, but I did make it to one of my doctor's appointments I've been meaning to get to! This one was the dermatologist. Had 4 moles looked at and they took 2; fingers crossed i'll get good results next week! Thursday was also all about packing for Auburn! Almost time to go see some of my besties!!
Saturday in Auburn: Teresa, Jama, Mary, Me, Emily & Megan
Friday I got up early and did an a.m. workout - 2.5 mile run at 6.3, then a 1/2 mile walk and abs. Then it was work, working through lunch and then lots of running around (Alpharetta to get the pups; then to Smyrna to Andy & Monica's house). Austin had left early for a golf tournament, so I rode down with Andy & Mon! SO great to catch up with them - we had a great ride down talking about everything from Auburn football to our jobs to our families - awesome talk with great friends. They dropped me at Teresa & Forrest's and me and Mary quickly got in our PJs and hung out, before passing out early! Jama and her boyfriend stayed the night, too - time to get ready for a big game against FL!

Saturday I got up early again - but this time to tailgate! Me, Mary & Teresa headed out early, set up the tailgate, then visited at the spot with Melanie & Joey, headed over to see Erin & JT, bumped into Ellen & Nick, then headed over to see two girls I haven't seen in TOO long, Emily & Megan (and their boys Tim & Clint of course). So fun to see everyone, catch up and just be surrounded by besties in one of my favorite places ever!! Erin and her family even gave us free tickets to the game - SO SWEET and too generous. We enjoyed the game, although Auburn seemed to want to lose. Ugh. Thankfully Florida insisted that we win so we did. Geez! Two amazing teams in rebuilding years - still a great time though! Pics below, but first here is the easiest Food for a Crowd ever:

1 slowcooker
1 bag of frozen meatlballs
2 jars spaghetti sauce
2 6-packs hoagie buns
1 bag mozzarella cheese

Meatball Subs! Simpy add meatballs and sauce to the slowcooker. Cook on high for an hour or so, then turn to warm. Use a slotted spoon to serve, and top with cheese as desired. I didn't take a picture, but this was my inspiration, from my 15 Tailgate Recipe Ideas post!
Meatball Sandwich

They were great! And scary easy - definitely doing this again. It made a lot of food! I also brought some small slider buns in case anyone wanted to try it, but not go all out with a 6" sub! And on to a few of my favorite pics:
Melanie & Me at the spot
Me & 4 of my besties - and all 4 were in my wedding - I love seeing besties!
Great to see little Ellen!
And awesome to see Erin & JT - she cracks me UP.
Me & Austin with 4 of our favorite couples!
In the game - loved the fireworks!
And of course the formations the band makes!
Made Austin let me take his pic - even though he had hat hair hehe
The moon was orange! Austin spotted it and photographed it - love it!
Q: What's your favorite 'food for a crowd' recipe?

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was definitely seeing my besties in Auburn! From the ride down with the Blanco's, to the sleepovers with the Carden's & Velotas's, to seeing the Tullus's and Miles's, and my oldest friends, the Webb's and Wilks's - just awesome!!

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