Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quinoa Cristed Quiche, Pumpkins & Puppers

Happy Sunday! Thank you all for your sweet comments and being so awesome and supportive of my MIA-ness.  Operation Catch Up is coming along well, I feel like i'll be almost there come Tuesday. Well, that's my goal anyway! Before backing up to this weekend I must share a new recipe we're loving: Quinoa Crusted Quiche. 
Quinoa Crusted Quiche
Inspired by a Lynn's Kitchen Adventures recipe
Makes 6 Servings

Nutritional Information: 405 calories, 32 carbs, 18 fat grams and 28 protein grams.

I loved it. Austin said, "it's good, but it's weird to eat quinoa for breakfast." hehe I personally like a grain at breakfast time, it kind of reminded me of the breakfast risotto. Anyway, I thought the spicy sausage added a lot of flavor, and as usual the Cabot cheese melted well and tasted great without adding too many calories and fat grams. All in all, i'd make it again, but maybe next time in a rectangular dish so it would be easier to eat then the deep oval dish!
One serving!
Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

So Friday was spent sleeping in through my workout, working, out to lunch with Stacy (yes, skipping my second opportunity for working out!) before heading home to pack up the car for Auburn, get the pups ready and work a bit more before going to sleep - long day! Saturday we got up early and headed to Auburn for Teresa's 30th Birthday party! Have the cutest pics to share once I sort through them, but for now I have some pics from a Trader Joe's stop. Wine for Teresa, pumpkins for us: 
Ausitn and our soon-to-be masterpieces I'm SURE
Those things are heavier than they look! haha
After our TJ's stop we rode down to Auburn - here's some pics of our safe puppers.

Remy gets super cozy despite her seatbelt, and seriously sleeps the whole way. The flash popping up woke her up from her slumber!
Reuben on the other hand does. not. relax... at least not for the first hour. I caught this pic of his sad little face- poor baby - but at least he was safe!
We made it to Auburn around 1:30, helped set up for the party, scarfed down some Subway (veggie sammy on wheat for me - have been CRAVING banana peppers lately), cooked, got ready, then it was party time. Cute pics coming later, but good to see everyone, catch up with Teresa's AU friends, and visit with Jimmy & Mary (even though they were sick - boo!) and Mary & Scott (first time seeing them since Scott proposed!). We didn't stay up too late, and slept great, so today was just Starbucks and driving straight home in rainy weather to spend the day getting ready for the week. Lame - but required - so what are you going to do?!

Q: Ever had quinoa for breakfast? I loved it!

Q: Have you picked up pumpkins this year? If so, are you carving? I think  Austin is carving but I have a paint idea in mind! 

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