Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Crockpot Recipe, Productive Monday

Happy Tuesday! I hope you're all having great Thanksgiving weeks in anticipation of turkey day. :) We're leaving soon for Birmingham to visit Austin's family, and they even invited my family, too! So we'll have Austin's parents and brothers, my mom, and my sis/bro-in-law and baby Dane all together for a couple of days. I. can't. wait! Before I get to posting, here are some pics from Saturday's night out, and here is a new recipe we're loving!
Crockpot Chicken Parmesan
Inspired by Recipe Shoebox
Makes 4 Servings
Nutritional information: 457 calories, 56 carbs, 8 fat grams and 41 protein grams.

Yes- we have a new favorite slowcooker recipe! I loved not having to cook the chicken - just drip it in egg, dip it in bread crumb mix, drop on cheese, pour on sauce and walk away while it cooks into yumminess! Austin was a BIG fan - even better than when using the oven. The chicken just falls apart and the breading added a lot to the dish. We'll be having this A LOT - I think it's Austin's favorite slowcooker dish! See the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!  And on to pics from Saturday's celebration!
Me, Ashley & Sharon with the birthday girl!
The Martins and Marr's! Chillin' since 2002
Besties! Austin & Linc

So Monday, my second official day of vacation, I got up early and took the pups to the groomer's! While they got cleaned up, I visited the gym and did:

  • Treadmill - 1/2 mile walk and 1-mile run
  • ST - chest & triceps
  • Spin - 1-hour (22 miles) of spin class
Great workout!  Afterwards I headed home, showered, made a grocery list and headed out with Austin to the drycleaners, grocery store, post office box and to get the pups. Then it was home to cook, read magazines and chill - SUCH a lovely day of relaxation. I'm glad I got in the workout too - it felt great. They have new spin bikes and WOW do they make a difference. It tells you what gear you're on, your RPM, etc. - making it much easier to ensure you're getting the workout the instructor wants you to!

Q: Chicken Parm Fan? I love it, but never order it in restaurants - they just really have a way of making it 1,000+ calories - so unnecessary! 

Q: Does your spin bike have stats? The new one at my office tells me distance, RPM and time. The new one at LA Fitness does all of that PLUS gear #. I love this because the instructor can give us her gear, we can gauge, she can say go up 3 gears and I know what that looks like/how it feels/etc.

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