Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Did I Marry a Bieber? Celebrity Lookalike Fun

Yes, Austin is going to kill me. Moving on...A while back this photo was sent to me along with "this looks just like your husband."
I of course cracked up! And asked who is this guy? Now of course i'm well aware of the bieb, the fever, etc. Austin used to get John Mayer as his celeb look alike. Now, it's all Justin all day long. Which prompted me to dig back into the archives - I just knew I had a pic that actually did remind of of this kid. I had to do a photo journalism project my junior year of college, practicing f-stops and stuff on a single subject, outdoors against a solid backdrop. I took a roll of film on Austin - I found one of the pics circa 2003 age 23 and scanned it - check it:

Hilarity right?! haha This is what Bieber will look like at 23 assuming he doesn't pull a Lohan! This photo is also a subtle dig that I did not deserve the 'A' I received in that course - eek! In my defense, this was one of the first assignments! 

Q: So what do you think? Bieber's older brother aka Beiber in 8 years or no? side-by-side comparison...
Q: Who is your celeb lookalike? I consistently get these ladies...
Rachel Bilson - I get her the most - her and another Rachel...
Rachel Ray - I get her a lot too, and everyone who cites this feels the need to assure me that it's only when she's down in her weight fluctuation. Oh my. Whateva - I'll take it - i'd also take being a famous cook like her! haha
I started getting this one a few years ago, and got it most when she was dating Beiber and I was married to adult-Beiber. Oh my - true story.

This is Miranda Cosgrove - I had no idea who this was. About 5 years ago my friends' kids (and my friends with kids) started saying I looked like iCarly. Yes, another child. So weird! Apparently the show is still on.
I also get Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Thandie Newton, Vanessa Manillo, Vanessa Hudgens, Mila Kunis - so pretty much any girl with long dark hair. LOL And quick recap of today: no workout, all packing, cooking, getting reuben's haircut fixed, shopping for Christmas, a sad trip to DSW, a fruitful trip to Crate & Barrel, and a trip to the framer's - getting the poster we bought in Napa framed!!

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