Friday, November 25, 2011

New Soup Recipe, T-Giving Workouts

Happy Thanksgiving holidays! I hope you're having wonderful ones - I still need to download pics, but do have one to share!
Me and my two best boys - baby Dane (my awesome nephew) and baby Reuben (my 4-year-old Shih poo)
I also have a recipe to share...
Lemony Chicken & Rice Soup
Makes 4 Servings
Adapted from What’s Cookin’ Chicago

Nutritional Information: 358 calories, 44 carbs, 5 fat grams and 35 protein grams.

I thought it had a great flavor, and loved the parsley with lemon taste, and that little bit of cream went a long way, too. I think it's a great fall dish and of course anything with rice is a win for me. My recommendations would be to make sure the chicken is more shredded then diced, use fresh lemon juice, and make sure you cook the onions and carrots to where they're soft not crunchy (which is why i'm a fan of matchstick carrots - easier to cook!). Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!
A bite - yum!
Wednesday we got up early and headed over to Birmingham to see our families! We got to Austin's parents' house around lunch, and quickly rounded up some people to go to the gym - love it! Me, Austin and his bros headed to the country club and I got on the treadmill determined to do 3 miles straight - did it! I ran 3 miles at 6.3, then walked a quarter mile - little under 32 minutes. Then I just did abs and chest and we headed back to the house just in time for my mom to arrive, and then for my sister, her husband Zach and baby Dane to arrive. Yay! Austin's dad made an awesome dinner I plan to repeat, then we all hung out for a bit before bedtime - great day!

Thursday was just a fun, family day. Lots of food, a long game of spades, 2 glasses of pinot noir, blessings, beautiful weather, outdoor fireplace, laughs - a great Thanksgiving day. I made my slowcooker mac & cheese, and everyone made awesome dishes from brussels sprouts with bacon to squash casserole. We also had several desserts to enjoy - mine & Austin's snickers pie, the Martin's pecan pie, and my mom's awesome cream cheese brownies. AWESOME day, pics coming tomorrow when I download (can you tell my card reader is acting up?! so annoying!)

Today has been chill - slept in to 8, had my mom's yummy breakfast burritos, said bye to E as he headed to Auburn for the Iron Bowl, then said bye to my sis/Zach, Dane, and later to my mom. Then there were 5. Me, Austin's dad and his brother Tyler headed to the gym where I did it again - ran 3 miles straight at 6.3 mph. Good stuff! Did the 32 minutes again for 3 miles running and 1/4 mile walking. Then I did some circuit stuff with the boys - bunny hops, dips, boxing, ropes, etc. Then back to the house for a quick arugula salad before shower time, pasta and now settling in to the LSU vs. AL game!

Q: How was your Thanksgiving? What was your biggest indulgence? Mine was definitely cream cheese brownies.... I'm SO going to be up when I weigh myself Monday.

Q: Were you able to get in a workout or 2? I worked out Monday (spin + 1-mile run + triceps + shoulders), Wednesday (3-mile run + chest + triceps), and today (3-mile run + circuits). So tomorrow it looks like I need to do legs, abs and back - random. :)

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