Monday, January 16, 2012

Paleo Planning; Butternut Bean Burrito; Fill in the Blanks!

Herro! How is your weekend going?! Mine is going well - just reorganizing the closet (yes, again!), running laundry and researching Paleo. Yes, I'm considering doing it, at least the 30-day challenge.
hehe I think that guy looks like Tarzan (photo found on Google images)

What I'm going to Miss
  • Rice (my favorite food - seriously)
  • Pasta (Austin's favorite food)
  • Torillas (wraps? enchiladas? burritos?)
  • Potatoes (feel okay about this - have replaced with sweet potatoes & butternut squash before)
  • Quinoa (we were just getting to be besties)
  • Cheese (my second favorite food - seriously. Cabot stock is going to go down!)
  • Milk (however will my eggs get fluffy?)
  • English Muffins (makes breakfasts so  convenient. And muffin pizzas? Sad!)
  • Bread (bye-bye sammies)
  • Corn (goes SO well in numerous dishes - casseroles, tacos, etc.)
  • Black beans (and all beans; see note on corn!)
  • Candy (adios sour patch kids)
  • Diet Pepsi (I love a carbonated beverage)
  • Honey (I use it in LOTS of recipes)
  • Processed everything: Cheez-Its, luna bars, corn chips, etc.
What I'm Excited About:
  • Eating more whole foods and FRESH foods (rather than packaged/processed)
  • More avocado!
  • More sweet potato dishes!
  • Trying out new meats and new seasonings for meat
  • Grilling more (Austin's super pumped that I chose the coldest month in ATL to start "grilling more")
  • More egg dishes (so glad i've always been an egg fan!)
  • More fruit, especially for desserts!
  • New paleo-inspired recipes
Looks like even Paleo people pre-plan - eeee! (photo found on google images)
Ultimately, I'm most excited about what I keep reading, which is that there is a good chance this is going to help with a lot of my GI problems. I hear it reduces bloat and leads to better digestion, which makes me VERY happy. Apparently it as developed by a gastroenterologist. I also hear you sleep better and have more energy. So, i'm considering trying it and seeing how I feel, if it works, etc. Am I going to be perfect on paleo? Probably not, but i'm going to try to follow it as best I can and focus on eating vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and fish. And even better news? Austin has agreed to try it with me. This makes my life SO much easier!

So what does this mean? Lots of paleo planning! I'm working on making some of my recipes paleo-friendly, and finding other paleo recipes. Really, it's just making the meat with veggies as a side, and making sure the sauces/condiments are natural. Yes, that's simplifying it, but my bestie Mon who has been eating Paleo-friendly for months, says it's best to focus on what you can eat rather than what you can't. So I shall focus on the SECOND list above! In the meantime, here is a non-paleo inspired recipe. :) It would actually BE paleo, without the tortilla. And cheese... and black beans. 
Butternut Squash Black Bean Burritos
Recipe Inspired by One Heatlhy Apple and Dinners for a Year and Beyond
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 397 calories, 56 carbs, 9 fat grams and 25 protein grams.

I thought these were amazing. The sauce absolutely makes them. Typically I’m not a big fan of ground turkey, so to be able to ‘mask’ it in this soft tortilla and yummy sauce is wonderful! The beans went really well with the squah, and like always, the squash made this super filling. It reheated very well, and is a winner with us. Definitely make this your own – try other squash or veggies, try chicken or beef – it’s easy to mix this one up and make it your favorite. Just make the sauce and you’ll be fine! Recipe over at Healthified Kithchen!

What else has been up this weekend? 

  • Shopping with Austin - yes, we had a few things to return/purchase at Nordstrom, some Macy's purchases, etc. Guess what? I bought NOTHING! :)
  • Friday workout: P90X (legs & back followed by ab ripper) in the a.m.!
  • Dinner on Friday with Andy, Mon, Dax & Amanda at Escorpian Tequila Bar - GREAT food, I had a mahi mahi taco and a pulled pork taco - fabulous, fresh and well portioned. Mostly I had a GREAT time catching up with the Blancos (who are both paleos and had lots of great advice!) and seeing the Cooke's (who I hadn't seen since they got married in the Dominican this fall!). Such a fun visit.
  • LOTS of chilling with Austin & the pups - we didn't leave the house Saturday which was really nice, and Sunday we were home sans errands - gave me lots of time to sleep, chill, plan paleo, and read blogs - eeee! And I'm off work today! Kind of. The office is closed but I have WAY too much to do so i'll be working from home starting soon!
Your turn - fill in the blanks!
  • The highlight of my weekend was ____________.
  • I think Paleo is _____________.
  • My favorite song to work out to right now is ________. (what? seems totally irrelevant but i'm hoping to make a new play list tonight and would love your ideas! :) ) 


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