Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So i'm considering trying this. Do I have time for it? Is there ever enough time? Is now a good time? Who knows, so I'm thinking about just doing it for the month of February. I asked my co-worker about it (he's an awesome cross-fit dude) and he sent me a ton of links, and then I asked Mon (my bestie; an awesome cross-fit lady) and she sent me a ton of links.

Q: Ever tried Paleo? Should I do it?!

Q: Have any recipes, tips, etc. to get me through February on Paleo?!

And quick outside-of-Paleo recap:

Monday: a.m. workout of 2 miles (1.5 running at 6.3; 1/2 at 4 mph); work; team lunch; more work - oy.

Tuesday: a.m. workout of P90X plyos; work; team lunch; more work - oy. (are you seeing a pattern?)

Today: a.m. workout of P90X back & biceps + ab ripper x; work; 3-mile walk with my Real Simple magazine during lunch, and more work... whilst considering whether or not I should try Paleo with my co-workers (while eating carbs of course)... the remainder of the day should be ALL work - oy - i'm crazy behind fo sho.

Q: How are your workouts stacking up this week?! I refuse to skip a workout no matter how busy it gets! So far, that's working for me!

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