Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Can't Wait...

To see this:

To wear these:
New Citizens of Humanity dark green skinny jeans!
To be reunited with these two people:
My mom, my sis & me from my mom's birthday dinner last month at Dante's Down the Hatch
For my fridge to look like this:
Well not EXACTLY like this but you know what I mean - i'm still looking to attempt  pseduo-paleo in February!
 To have a whole lotta this:

YES - things are slowly calming down at work!
Not much has been up with me - just work. Monday the office was closed but I worked from home preparing to be out for 2 days for a company event. I did P90X arms. Tuesday I was in meetings from 9 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. I got home exhausted and cranky! Wednesday was said event. I did get up early and go to the gym first, but only had time for a 2-mile run + 5 minutes on the stair climber + P90 ab ripper. We had an AMAZING company event (that my team was responsible for putting on), and afterwards I went out with some of my co-workers for dinner at Cinco  Mexican Cantina. The portions were HUGE (i.e. I split guacamole and fajitas with 2 other people!). Thursday I was a freaking zombie. Just totally spent. Foggy. Exhausted. And behind at work, life, etc. Totally cranky. So I rested. I worked. I went to bed EARLY. Friday I was determined to feel better! I slept 8 hours, got up early, ran 2 miles and worked! Then I hit up Zara to return a few things and had SO much luck (must take pics!), then I went by the grocery store and got ready to host book club. My sister, Monica, her sister Steph, Stacy, Danielle and Shana all came over and we discussed A Soft Place to Land. Mostly we just had a few glasses of wine, caught up, and talked everything from diets and skincare to babies and TV. SUCH a fun evening. Although it got late quick!

Q: How is your weekend going? 

Q: Fill in the blank: I can't wait... ________________________!

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