Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Derailed (car accident = wah wah)

So I thought Saturday was going to be awesome! Boutique shopping with Stacy, lunch with my sis, a trip to Trader Joe's, a workout and movie night with Austin. It started out good - I made it to the boutique sale but it was raining buckets. But we pushed on, through the rain, and shopped. I got 6 new pairs of pants (eeee!), a top and a dress/romper/beach cover up. Austin called and said the weather was getting bad, flooding, etc. - that I need to skip visiting my sis, TJ's and the gym and just come. home. now.

So I did. I left the boutique sale, drove slowly and was being very careful. I was on a major highway coming down a hill and there were cops everywhere. Firetrucks. There had been an accident and 2 lanes were closed without notice. Needless to say everyone hit their breaks and slowed down. Everyone, that is, except for the car behind me which plowed into me. I saw it in the rearview and their hood just completely folded in, the front of their car smashed and smoke started billowing out. (yes - still pouring rain). For the record, it was nothing like this:
Pinned Image

Instead I immediately started crying. Like gigundo elephant tears + hyperventilating. I just knew I was hurt and my car was destroyed and it just completely freaked me out! Turned out, my car is kind of awesome and will probably just need a new bumper. And, I think I just got whiplash, nothing more, as my neck and upper back/shoulders are really tight.

Needless to say, after a while of dealing with the cops/license/insurance, being talked down by a firefighter and having my blood pressure/vitals taken, I was on the road home, still shaken and slightly freaked out! My day following that was spent with a sore neck/back, in bed, being catered to by Austin (thanks again, Austin!).

Q: Have you ever been in a car accident? I told Austin i'm used to hitting things, not being hit. I used to frequently back into things (poles, walls, trash cans, etc.). I don't think i'd been hit since I was 16 in my white civic! I wasn't NEARLY as freaked. I think I was immortal then, of course.

Q: Any get-rid-of-whiplash-symptom ideas? My neck is still sore - boo!

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