Monday, February 6, 2012

Chiropractor, Sol, Netflix!

Happy Monday! I'm home, i'm exhausted, but i'm with the fam so it's not all bad! And I feel better!! My neck/back hurt less (post car accident) which is VERY exciting - my sleep has gotten better, too! Backing up... Thursday was my crazy busy get car fixed day, and my first chiropractic adjustment. OH WOW - those adjustments are amazing. The littlest things made me really feel SO much lighter, gave me better range of motion in my arms and legs, I just really couldn't get over it! I go back on Wednesday and can't WAIT!

Q: Have you ever been to the chiropractor?

Friday began with a 2-mile run before work, work, then P90X legs/back during lunch. Then I just worked more before heading home to the family. When I got home Austin wanted to get out, so we went to Rio Nuevo. My favorite part was the Sol - I LOVE that beer. After dinner I was in bed asleep by 9 p.m. then the most amazing thing happened. I slept. I slept, straight, until 7 a.m. Yes, my body wanted 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and it got it! I don't know how it was possible, but it was AMAZING and I felt fabulous when I woke up Saturday. So much so that I went straight to the gym and ran 2 miles, then showered and headed to my hair appointment before hitting up Trader Joe's - nice morning! Then I came home motivated to catch up at work - so I knocked out 4+ hours of work while watching Private Practice. I LOVE that show for REAL.

After getting some work done and feeling great about it, we decided to go to a new place we've been meaning to try called Sip Wine Tastings & Tapas. It was very cool - great food, tons of wines in 3 different sizes (a sip was 1 oz. for like $1+, then a 3 oz. and then a 6 oz.). I loved that you got to pick a tapas and it came with a wine - you just got to pick the size. So we shared kobe sliders, scallops, butternut squash ravioli & the wines that went with it - fab!  We also shared a chocolate tort - AWESOME! Afterwards we went to 5 Seasons for a beer and visited Jamie and some peeps up there, then home! Sunday was my chill day - just laundry, pupper and TV time - perfect weekend!

Q: Netflix streaming/on demand introduced me to Private Practice - any other netflix on demand recs?!

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