Thursday, February 2, 2012

January?!#@%@, Almost Friday Funnies

Another week went by! Another one of those OMG-it's-Friday-already-but-wtf-did-the-week-go kind of week. Seriously. It's February. For REAL. If I had to sum up this month in 3 words I'd say:

1. Paleo - I REALLY spent a lot of my free time working on paleo - finding recipes, making meal plans, going ot whole foods, trying out new ingredients, etc.
2. Overwhelming - work was just a lot. Between not working until 1/9, onboarding a new team member, meeting my new manager, the company's annual event, and so on, it was just a lot of work, hours, etc.
3. Fun - yup - we definitely squeezed this in! Started the month with the chick-fil-a bowl, got in a wonderful family ski trip, got in a beer fest and had lots of fun nights with good friends over dinner, drinks, etc. I even hosted a book club! Yes, a fun month in deed. I also laughed a lot! Here are a few things that cracked me up:
I laughed! And then my paranoid side was like wait a minute... 
Pinterest of course - man that site has everything
Natalie Dee of course - she's so funny!
Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same never. gets. old. Love it. :) Thanks for introducing me many moons ago, mom!
This week? Not as much with the fun... all about the work, working out and family time (the fun part!). 

Monday was a doozie - SUCH a Monday. It did start with an a.m. workout (P90X shoulders & arms) and I got in a 3-mile lunch, too! Other than that - work, work, & more work. Then home to the family to cook & do laundry.

Tuesday began with an a.m. workout - P90X plyos! Such a good workout, then it was all work, work, work - did get in a brisk 2.5 mile walk at lunch, before working more and heading home to a movie night with the family!

Wednesday started with an a.m. workout - P90X chest & back and a quick 1-mile run! Then I just worked, worked, worked - oy! Then Austin and I had a chill night and watched a couple of 'The Good Wife' episodes - love that show!

Today was just work starting at 7 a.m., long lunch to meet an adjuster, get a quote, get a rental car, etc., then more work. Now i'm just reading blogs! I also made a new paleo recipe for dinner - mushroom burgers with sweet potato fries - nom nom!

Q: What 3 words describe your January?!

Q: What made you laugh this week?!!

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