Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 Dresses, 4 Skirts, 3 Cardigans, 2 Workouts and 1 pair of Shoes

Hey! Hope you're having good weeks so far! Mine has been busy, busy, but not too, bad. Yesterday was an a.m. 2-mile run, 1/4 mile walk and then work, work, and home to the fam. Today was an a.m. 1/2-mile run, Turbo Fire HITT 15 and Turbo Fire Sculpt 30, and then work, work, and now i'm home with the fam! Tomorrow should be busy, but then things will (hopefully!) calm down. I will say I had a WONDERFUL Sunday! While I wasn't able to get in the movie with Mon & Steph, I got way caught up at  home/chores/work, and had some GREAT shopping. Try not to judge me on the horrible iPhone, self-taken, headless pictures, but ultimately I got a new pair of shoes, 7 new dresses (2 i'm on the fence about...), 4 skirts and 3 cardigans (black, white and tan!). Time to upgrade the closet!
Nordstrom Halogen skirt in this color - very versatile!
Nordstrom bright red pencil!
Via Spiga shoes - in more of a nude color but same shoe!
This skirt in khaki - super versatile like the 'mushroom' colored one above!

Maxx Studio Dress - pink and navy blue - floral with bow tie and cap sleeves
maybe better pic?
Vince Camuto Dress - love all of the swooping/bright pattern- need to get a better pic! Link to better pic
This one is similar to the one above - didn't photograph well. :(
With a new cardi to make it even more work appropriate
new red skirt with new cardi and Zara animal print top
Maggie London color block dress - love it - super cozy and the drawstring is great
Maybe my favorite - Vince Camuto - one shoulder and pleated - mint green and gray/black - love in person! Link to better pic
Added a cardi to wear to work
Thinking of taking this one back - Maxx Studio - just not very flattering and didn't realize the gap at the bottom of sheer? Just not a fave - thoughts?
Not a good picture; Vince Camuto; loved in store; pleats at neck, draw string, silver/beige but at home it's hard to match up and didn't seem to do me any favors. Help?  Link to better pic
Q: What cha think?! Any new spring clothes in your closet? Any advice on which dresses to return?! (only needed to replace about 4 - don't need 7!)

Q: How's your week going - good workouts?!

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