Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mongolian Beef, Busy Week, Another Chill Weekend

Happy Sunday! I hope you're having wonderful ones! We've just been bumming around, cooking, watching TV and enjoying the beautiful weather. It's REALLY pretty today - hope it's nice where you are! So my week, in a nutshell:

Monday: a.m. workout: 2-mile run and 1/4 mile walk; then work, work, work!
Tuesday: a.m. 1/2 mile run and Turbo Fire HITT 15 & Sculpt 30; then lots 'of work again before home to the fam!
Wednesday: a.m. 2-mile run and 1/4 mile walk; then, you guessed it - work! After work I headed to Twist at Phipps to meet the ladies for bookclub! Stacy, Shana, Emily, Danielle and I had yummy sushi and of course briefly chatted about our book: These Things Hidden. Loved seeing the girls and am already looking forward to our net get together and to our next book 50 Shades of Grey.
Thursday: Slept in, took the day off working out and worked from home all day. Used my lunch break to visit the dealership for an oil change/tire rotation, then worked the rest of the afternoon to evening before movie night with the fam!
Friday: Slept in, took the day off working out (again!) to go to Starbuck's. Had every intention to work out during lunch.... but worked through it. Then planned to work out after... but worked until 7. So another day of not working out and LOTS of work. Got home, went out to dinner with Austin then passed out at 9:30. LONG day.
Saturday: Slept in and felt motivated! Did some ST at home (triceps, chest, abs), then cooked breakfast - caprese breakfast cups! Recipe coming soon!
We also made a yummy lunch: Mongolian Beef!
Mongolian Beef
Adapted from Taste & Tell
Makes 4 Servings
Nutritional information: 400 calories, 44 carbs, 8 fat grams and 35 protein grams.
Review: AWESOME. Me and Austin agreed though, it didn't EXACTLY taste like Mongolian Beef, however, it was a great Asian beef dish that was easy to cook, reheated well, and will be made again. I could also see making this beef and serving it over lettuce with a homemade ginger dressing - the beef had a great flavor and was, again, so easy to make! Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

After a bunch of cooking, I made the grocery list for next week, went to the store, and then we headed over to Mel and Jon's for drinks! We had Martin/Mittelbronn Mojito night!! Austin grew a ton of mint, so we grabbed some rum, limes, club soda and splenda, even grabbed a muddler - they were AMAZING. I'll have to post our recipe - I'll be making them again for SURE - so refreshing! We had a great time with Mel and Jon of course, then came home to the pups and a good night's sleep!

Now i'm catching up on blogs - as per usual lately I'm behind so i'm enjoying catching up with you all!

Q: Mongolian beef fan? If not, what's your favorite Chinese dish?!

Q: Mojitos: yay or nay? I love them but almost never get them due to calorie counts from the 'simple syrup' most use. Making my own works great though - definitely a new yummy drink. Austin got a new cookbook with tons of 'libation' recipes - looking forward to trying more!

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