Monday, April 30, 2012

Pre-Cooking Marathon, Monday two-a-days!

My Sunday went from a mini Once Upon a Time marathon (i'd let 3 go by so I could watch them back to back!), to this, a pre-cooking marathon!
I made my second step-by-step mealplan! See my first one here. It's basically 40 - 42 meals (7 days x 3 meals for 2 people). I tested out my second one last night and have some work to do cleaning it up, then i'll share it this week! Then i'm off to build my third and test it. My goal is to have 10 or so of these so I can just pick one up, shop, and go for those really busy weeks when I don't have time to try new recipes.

Q: What are your thoughts on pre-cooking?

After last night's cooking marathon we settled in for an episode of The Good Wife and then called it a night! Today has been pretty great:
  • a.m. workout: 2-mile run + 1/2-mile walk + biceps & shoulders
  • lunchtime workout: 3-mile walk
  • Work, work work of course
  • Home to pre-cooked meals, and a nice, chill evening with the fam!
Q: How was your Monday?

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