Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back from Mexico and More Paleo Planning!

So I've been gone for. a. while. I was away from the office for 10 days. AMAZING. Had such a wonderful 6-day trip to Mexico, and then enjoyed 4 days in Atlanta with no imposed T-Dos, no plans, no 'be here at this time' - just glorious around-the-house fun! Here's some pics from Mexico. We stayed here: Iberostar Grand Paraiso. 
Our room! We upgraded to a honeymoon suite and LOVED it.
Loved it! We had the little den area and even a hammock!
Part of the bathroom!
And the other part - big spa tub!
Where I  spent my mornings watching 'Warner' the only channel that was English speaking Spanish subtitles (Friends, Two and a Half Men & The Big Bang Theory)
This was in the center of the room - this randomly huge dome with those rocks that we didn't even know were lights until like Day 4. And yes, they're hanging from a turtle. Random!

Our own little oasis - private backyard!
So you had one big door - then when you opened it you saw this leading to the backyard, and then another door to the right leading to the room, so it was like our own little condo!
Loved the place - reminded us a lot of the Grand Bavaro we stayed at in the Dominican
Shot from my pool lounger
Outside of our little condo
Me in ourplunge pool with a book, naturally -yes, I read 3 while I was there. Yes, reviews are coming soon!
Me on the beach by the lunch buffet building. I may or may not have consumed 1 cup of guacamole a day...
The entrance to "the quiet pool" - I kid you not - SILENCE. I loved it. Austin preferred the 'pool games/loud music/"college" pool" - sigh.
Another shot of the quiet pool - two hot tubs on each end, infinity/sandbar across the front and then 3 feet of cold water to frolic in!
Outdoor lunch at the buffet on the beach
Loved their life guard stands!
Again, big shock, reading - this time on the beach though of course
The hotel from the beach! (we were off on a little path of villas that were accessed by us being picked up and dropped off via golf cart)
LOVED seeing that beautiful ocean from almost every room!
Automatic timer on the beach!!

All in all, despite a day of rain and 4 hours without my luggage (which felt like 4 days), it was a wonderful trip and it gave me a chance to test some paleo since there was cooked meat, seafood and enough veggies and fruits to sink a ship. It made me want to do it, for real. I did the paleo test back in January, but only for a week to see, basically, how I felt, test out some recipes, see how hard it was, etc. It was hard. It took a lot of time and it took a lot of planning. I simply didn't have the time to devote to the planning this required! But I did back in Atlanta - I had 4 days of nothingness, which I spent a good bit of 'Paleo Planning' - finding and trying recipes, making trips to Whole Foods, Farmer's Markets and Publix. LOVED IT!!  I tried 7 recipes this weekend and loved 6 of the 7 - not bad. This week I'm hoping to post some recipes as well as some book reviews - I read 3 in Mexico and enjoyed them all!

Q: What was the highlight of your Memorial Day weekend?

Q: Anyone else trying Paleo right now? I really hope to stick to it this time and would love an online paleo buddy or 2. :)

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