Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays, Graduation & Life

Hi! Where have I been?! LOL Mostly, just working my butt off and getting ready for Mexico! Quick rundown:

Last Weekend: We had a wonderful time celebrating Forrest's 30th birthday on Friday night, and then Saturday spending the day and night with the family celebrating Tyler's graduation! I woke up Sunday ready to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom and sis, but alas, my sister's stomach bug combined with a horrible storm kept us from getting together. Sad! Sunday ended up being a work day and a get-ready-for-the-week day.
Birthday Dinner
The Martins with the Graduate!
Family dinner
Don't worry, Auburn, we love you  more! But, when in Rome...
The Week: Monday started with an a.m. run + abs; then turned into a full day of work, through lunch and staying LATE - not a good day! Tuesday ended up being a a skip - I had planned to work out, but got called into an early meeting. Then I went down to work out at lunch and got called up for a meeting. I hung it up - just didn't happen! I worked late again and then went home EXHAUSTED. Wednesday I woke up after a 10-hour sleep and went to my 1-hour Tabata Class in the morning. Wonderful! I then worked and left the office at a decent hour - eee! Thursday, I had to go in for some meeting instead of working from home, but it was a pretty good day and I didn't have to stay late. Then yesterday started with sleeping in, an iced grande skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks and a busy morning at work meeting with my awesome team who will be helping me out with my projects while I'm in Mexico! I love my co-workers! Then we all went to a team lunch at Mellow Mushroom before volunteering at the Special Olympics in memory of our teammate, Todd, who lost his battle with cancer last month.

We did a lot of set up, spelled 'Hope' with luminaries in the stands, and did a team walk. It was a nice event and i'm so glad so many turned out for Todd. Afterwards we cheesily realized that Ausitn, Leslie's husband James and Ali's boyfriend David all drove freakishly similar cars and had Auburn tags. Yes, a photo op took place.  hehe

Then we headed home, slept and now i'm spending the day today finishing up packing before I got to my 5:45 haircut and Mary & Scott's shower this evening. We fly out SUPER early tomorrow and I can't wait!!

Q: Do you and any of your friends drive similar cars? I drive the same SUV as my sis - but the colors are different! 

Q: What has been the highlight of your week?! Mine was just celebrating with my team - it's been a CRAZY busy week but everyone banded together and put their work on hold to celebrate Todd's life and that meant a lot to me. I like to know that I work at a company and with a group of people who care.

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