Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to go to Mexico

Happy Tuesday! I hope you're all having good weeks so far. Mine has been long and I worry I'm coming down with something. I know, Debbie Downer over here. But true story, it's like I can't get enough sleep or water and i'm hot. Like forehead on fire. Fingers crossed the over-hydration will keep whatever this is at bay!

The weekend was SUPER chill. Friday we just hung at the house and watched a movie. Saturday I woke up INSANELY early for no reason (4 a.m.) and proceeded to work while watching crappy movies (Monte Carlo, The Dilemna) and before I knew it was late. Yes, I had worked all day. SIGH. I got a lot done and felt more prepared for the following week, but really i'm preparing for when I'm out to Mexico
Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso All Inclusive, Playa del Carmen,
Yes, last week me and Austin booked a trip to Mexico - we leave in a couple of weeks and I. Can't. Wait. I just have to get everything organized and delegated at work, celebrate mother's day, go to Athens for graduation to celebrate Tyler's accomplishment, celebrate two birthdays, celebrate Mary & Scott at their first wedding shower, buy gifts for the aforementioned events, pay tribute to my co-worker Todd at Relay for Life, pack, get a haircut, get a pedicure and EB wax,  bathe the pups,  and stay on my workouts and mealplans for the next 11 days. I can totally do this right? Right? Can I also lose 10 pounds while i'm at it? LOL

Really though - I have a lot to do but I'm excited and just can't. wait. to do nothing in Mexico for 6 days, even if I have to break my back getting everything done beforehand!!

So backing up again, Sunday was spent running a lot of errands (getting some of the gifts above, grocery shopping, gas - you know - that kind of fun stuff!) Monday started with an early morning run (2 miles) followed by abs, then work. all. day. except for lunch with my co-worker Veronica at Uncle Julio's. Love that place. Then it was home to cook a few meals and fall asleep extremely early (felt REALLY sick yesterday; like contemplated leaving work). Today began with 45 minutes of Turbo Fire with Valerie and Donna! I have another work lunch as well. Sigh. Am seriously considering packing tonight. Is that crazy?

Q: Ever been to Mexico? Any recos for the Riviera Maya area?

Q: Ever backed 12 days before a trip? Thoughts? LOL I'm just like come ON, the clothes for there aren't any i'll be wearing for the next 11 days!

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