Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fall TV - 13 New Shows I'll Be Trying Out!

Each year I get SO excited for new shows, especially after i've burned out all of the NetFlix and Hulu shows. Last year I set out to watch 14 new shows - I was thrilled... then subsequently disappointed for the most part.
  1. Terra Nova*: Ended up like it (not loving it) - but just got word: CANCELLED.
  2. Hart of Dixie*: Liked it, love Rachel Bilson, it could be better and hopefully it will as I'll continue trying to ignore some of the silliness. RENEWED
  3. The Playboy Club: Kinda liked it, but it only made it like 3 episodes before being CANCELLED.
  4. Ringer*: Similar to Hart of Dixie in that I find myself only watching it to support Buffy! LOL It did get better towards the end and I continue watching out of solidarity but it's been CANCELLED.
  5. New Girl: Surprisingly, I enjoyed it! I like her roommates better than her but it's all cute, funny and growing me and yay, it's been RENEWED.
  6. Unforgettable: Couldn't get into it, and I guess other people couldn't either as it was CANCELLED.
  7. Up All Night*: Wanted to love it for Christina but it just didn't do it for me and 'Ava' got on my nerves. It has been RENEWED though, but I don't think i'll be watching.
  8. Free Agents: Nope - couldn't watch it, made it 2 episodes and it was CANCELLED.
  9. Revenge*: A favorite and YAY it's been RENEWED.
  10. Charlie’s Angels: Tried to watch it and couldn't - too bad - and it was CANCELLED.
  11. The Secret Circle: Couldn't get into it, was burdened by so many other witch/vampire/werewolf shows. It was CANCELLED.
  12. Whitney: Painful... tried a few and didn't laugh just felt uncomfortable. It was RENEWED though.
  13. Grimm: Like it! Am behind, but will definitely catch up especially since it's RENEWED.
  14. Pan Am: Watched a few but didn't love it and it was CANCELLED.
Last September, my premonition was that the following would be cancelled: Hart of Dixie, The Playboy Club, Ringer, Charlie’s Angels, The Secret Circle, Whitney and Free Agents. I'm sorry, Hart of Dixie, but I was right about the rest... although I missed a bunch! hehe All of this being said, I'm excited to continue watching Hart of Dixie, New Girl, Revenuge and Grim - 4 of 14! NOTE: Smash and Scandal started later in the game and I LOVE them both.
Here are 13 New shows i'm interested in trying out:
The Carrie Diaries
  1. 1600 Penn: A comedy about a dysfunctional first family (NBC) funny video preview!
  2. Beauty and the Beast: The cute girl from Smallville is in this remake! (CW) short preview
  3. The Carrie Diaries: A look back at Carrie Bradshaw in the 80's - I will love this or hate this -no doubt. (CW) trailer
  4. Elementary: It's a modern-day Sherlock with Lucy Liu - I will try it. (CBS) 
  5. Emily Owens, M.D.: Cute-looking show about a female doctor (CW) extended preview
  6. Go On: Matthew Perry is back! Again! This time as a sportcaster trying to move on from loss (NBC) trailer
  7. The Goodwin Games: Looks cute; has Scott Foley (love him from Felicity!) and Becky from Ugly Betty; about 3 siblings whose father leaves them his fortune only if they agree to his terms (Fox) trailer
  8. Made in Jersey: A NJ woman uses her street smarts to compete in a Manhattan law firm - could be good? Kind of has a My Cousin Vinny/Ugly Betty thing going on? (CBS) trailer
  9. Mistresses: It has Alyssa Milano on it so I must try it! It's about 4 women and the "scandalous romantic lives they're living." (ABC) trailer
  10. The Mob Doctor: Looks good! A surgeon shifting focus between her career and her lifelong debt to the Chicago mob - yay! (Fox) trailer
  11. Nashville: Love that it takes place in the south! And it has the mom from Friday Night Lights and Heroes' Hayden - will definitely try it (ABC) trailer
  12. Revolution: Sounds like a good post-apocalyptic tale so naturally, i'm in.  (NBC) trailer
  13. Zero Hour: A magazine editor gets pulled into a conspiracy - could be good. (ABC) trailer
The Goodwin Games
I'm always looking for shows I can actually watch with Austin, and I think 1600 Penn, Elementary, Go On, The Mob Doctor, Revolution and Zero Hour stand a chance! 

And now, it’s time to say RIP to two of my shows that will be no longer: One Tree Hill & Desperate Housewives. I still can't believe either of you lasted as long as you did, but I watched you both through and through and will miss them!

Q: What are you going to watch this fall?

Q: Any of your favorite shows being cancelled?!


Some Day is Right Now said...

Oooooohhhh!!!! A lot of the new shows u mentioned sound REALLY good! I'll be checking out 'Nashville' for sure and cannot wait for 'Revolution'. I also wanna see that new one with Terry o'Quinn from Lost and Vanassa Williams-it has 666 in the title. Haha! Looking forward to Grimm coming back, Oncee Upon a Time, Walking Dead, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly, Fringe...etc. :)

Some Day is Right Now said...

P.S. The above comment is from me!