Tuesday, December 25, 2012

29 - 32 Weeks, Maternity Pics Preview!, Tomato Soup Recipe!

Week 29: A few of our maternity pics! Special thanks to Zach Porter Photography! More pics to come tomorrow
Week 30: Big baby bump! Had dinner with BG's Poppa Paul & Mimi Michelle (austin's parents!) on Friday, then on Saturday we celebrated Lee's February arrival at Laura Anne's baby shower, and watched GA's loss to ALA at Mon and Andy's SEC get together; Sunday? Well that was sister day for Devon's birthday = Twilight + shopping!
Week 31: A Baby shower in Birmingham with  Austin's parents, family and friends - such a good time!
Week 32: A Tacky Sweater Party at Mary & Jimmy's! Wasn't exactly the same sober, but what are you going to do? Overindulge on buckeyes apparently. lol
Haven't done 33 weeks yet, but will probably do today! Before I go eat, more, here is a pic of something we've been eating a lot of lately - Classic Tomato Soup!

LOVE IT - check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen! So glad I've been feeling a bit more up to cooking, although my 'normal' appetite DEFINITELY isn't back yet.

K - off to celebrate Christmas. I hope you're all having great days off celebrating with your loved ones!


Erica said...

Merry christmas!!! You are sooo cute-stlish even when pregnant. Tomato soup is the best

Nicole said...

I have been missing your daily blog post!!! You look amazing!!! So excited for y'all:)