Friday, December 28, 2012

Maternity Pics & a Busy Month

December has been a busy month - we got so much done and enjoyed doing it, got to see so many of our friends and family, and got to celebrate little Beckett even more! We also got our maternity pics - LOVE THEM - here are several of our favorites:

Hope you like them as much as we do! Here is what else has been up:
  • Me and my sister celebrated her birthday with Twilight and a bit of shopping for our babies! Love hanging with her, especially when it involves making lunch out of a huge shared bucket of popcorn. 
  • Got a lot done by way of the car accident - got the police report, got the car fixed and have resumed chiropractor appointments to get this annoying neck pain gone!
  • Visited the dentist. Apparently preggos get 3 visits per year vs. 2 because pregnancy gives you gingivitis  Who knew? Normally cleanings are fine, but this time I had a bit of a scare - I think they had me leaned back too far and Beckett was VERY displeased - after some shaking, crying and feeling like I was going to throw up, it all worked out and they could finish the cleaning - scare bear!
  • Finished all Christmas shopping! I love online shopping and being done by Thanksgiving, but a few gifts flowed over into early December. SO HAPPY with the finds - can't wait to give them out!!
  • Finished all of our Christmas decorating. Austin BY FAR did the bulk of the work, and i've been enjoying the tree and outdoor lights!
  • Learned a ton about breastfeeding. Took an online course through my hospital, read a breastfeeding book, made my own guide to breastfeeding and got a ton of stuff on Amazon to make it more easy/less painful/etc.!
  • Did home updates. Had new tile installed in the kichen/backsplash, and new tile put down in the upstairs bathroom. We also had the entire upstairs and stairs recarpetted (had NO idea what an undertaking it was - long job, lots of work on our part to basically take everything from upstairs and put it downstairs, etc.). 
  • Had a baby shower in Birmingham! So good to celebrate Beckett with Austin's fam and friends. Beckett got more adorable stuff that I just can't wait to use with her - eeee!
  • Went to Mary & Jimmy's Tacky Sweater Party. Loved seeing them and so many friends, and even Tyson was in town! Great party - only wish I could have stayed longer (too tired to party these days!).  Mary & Jimmy also gave us some great stuff for Beckett - an awesome swing and a woombie to test out!
  • Finished all thank you cards. I'm always paranoid about losing my gift lists or waiting too long - so it was great to carve out the time and get them out before the holidays!
  • Got more baby gear. Finally decided on the stroller and monitor, and Beckett's Mimi Michelle got them for her! So sweet! We also gave up on Babies R Us ever having our playard in, so we ordered on Amazon. So glad to have some of the big baby gear decisions out of the way, and so appreciative of Michelle for helping us get them!
  • Volunteered with the Salvation Army. My team at work went out to warehouse to help sort angels for holiday gift distribution - always a good time for a good cause!
  • Celebrated the holidays in Birmingham - spent almost a week bumming around Austin's parents' house, playing games, watching movies, resting - such a good time!
  • And of course the usual - grocery shopping, drycleaning, prenatal massage, pedicure, Babies R Us, Bank, Bills
Today I also spent the day with my sis and found a ton of stuff for the house - pics to come! :)

Q: What To-Do are you excited you got done this month?Mine is probably the house stuff - getting the tile and carpet done pre-Beckett was key.... now we have to bring on the paint - eek!

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