Monday, December 24, 2012

iPhone Holiday Pics

Yesterday I stopped by the blog to show one of my brother-in-laws how much Reuben & Remy had changed colors (they used to be brown... now Reuben is gray/black and Remy is white). Anyway, I realized that it had almost been a MONTH since i'd posted. Eek! In an attempt to catch up a bit, I thought i'd share some recent iPhone pics - my lazy butt hasn't been getting the "big camera" out too much...
My Pottery Barn Rewards card went a long way towards little Beckett's upcoming bathtime! And of course, my MIL Michelle pitched in - she's been too good to us!
We got our backsplash redone - white subway tiles with dark gray grout! I love it! More pics to come.  We also got the carpet done - busy bees!
One of Beckett's new toys i've been admiring. This is a little security blanket one of my MIL's best friends got us at a baby shower in Birmingham! Pics to come!
I saw Michelle's Christmas cards when I got in town - so cute! This was a fun night in Athens with me, Austin and his brothers - so sweet to be included on the Christmas card.
At dinner at GianMarco's I couldn't decide between the lasagna and the spaghetti and meatballs, so the great waiter said - do both! So I did - and both were excellent!
Austin got the veal parmesean... if only the servings had been  bigger. He says he's gaining weight because of my pregnancy, I think this is proof to the contrary. LOL (and for the record he is NOT gaining weight. I, on the other hand, am as big as a house!
These two have been keeping me company during the holidays! They are always tucked into each side of Austin or each side of me - love them so much!
And this was the picture that prompted me to do another post - my color-changing poodle mixes!
Lastly, here's a shot of a little dress I found for Beckett at Janie and Jack yesterday - LOVE IT. So classic.
That's that - a bit of what we've been up to with a few pics from my phone!!

Q: How are your holidays going? What has been the highlight of your month?!

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