Monday, August 12, 2013

Pureeing, Partying, Pooling and More - A Busy Weekend!

Happy Monday! Hope you're all having good days so far. Beckett tried plums this morning - so fun, highlight of my day so far! K - backing up! Thursday was a happy day for Becks (after rough teething Wednesday!). We visited Macy's for a wedding gift, and later that day we went to the gym! Becks did the infant room with Andrea, while I did an incline walk while watching an episode of Medium - I forgot how good that creepy show is!
HRM 1 of 2 (hopped off to get more water!)
HRM 2 of 2 post-water break!
So almost 57 minutes and 456 calories - woo! We had a great rest of Beckett's six-month-old half birthday. :)

Friday was another great, normal day! During Beckett's mid-morning awake time we visited the grocery store, and during her afternoon nap I made tons of food for baby girl! (tons = 6 weeks of fruit)
Love some baby food making: Clean, peel, steam, process, pour, freeze, add to labeled bags!
In the afternoon I checked the mail and got the Buy Buy baby mailer advertising this awesome 'make-your-own-pouches' product. I thought it was the neatest thing ever and both my sister and mom's group had great things to say, so I knew we had to get it! Austin got home around 5:30 and sent me out to buy clothes. Yes, he was like go, buy some dresses, don't come home with nothing. That part didn't go well (more on it later!), but afterwards I went to Buy Buy Baby, bought the product, refill pouches, a funnel and two spoons that twist on and immediately got to work making a quick 10 pouches! LOVED!
Mailer, products, test pouches, and Beckett trying it out at the car dealership the next day
Our freezer is being taken over... I have officially given her the top "drawer" and one of the panels in the bottom left.!
After testing out my impulse purchase, me and Austin had a couple of glasses of wine and called it a night!

Saturday we got up with Becks and then at 8:30 she went down for her nap and I went to get Sharon for a Greenway walk! We did 4 miles in an hour but I forgot my HRM - UGH! Great walk and talk though as always! I got home, hopped in the shower and then we headed out to Infiniti to get Austin's car serviced. They promised 'under an hour' and totally delivered. Beckett was a sweet girl and ate her pouch in the waiting area - yay! Then we raced home, put Beckett down for her nap and started getting ready for Baby Gavin's 1st Birthday party! The party was from 2 - 5 and I figured we'd head out the minute she woke from her nap! Well, she slept until 3 so we didn't get there until 3:30, but the party was in full swing and had such a wonderful turnout despite the weird, rainy weather. Sarah had gone all out with decorations, food, favors - you name it! Beckett didn't get to play (obvi) but she seemed to have a good time, just very chill/observant and she even sat up a little/kinda in the 'photo shoot' area!
Didn't get a pic of the birthday boy but got a pic of some adorable pics of him - he is absolutely precious! Beckett matched the party (yay!) and we loved the theme!!  We met some really nice families and babies - so fun!
We left the party around 15 to 5 and headed home in the rain for Beckett's nap, then dinner, then her bath and bedtime and then our bedtime! It was dark and nasty - definitely a chill night in!

Sunday we woke up well-rested to a pretty day! We had lots of family time in the morning, and then me and Sharon went for another walk - yay!
Great workout right here in the neighborhoods!
Sunday also marked the day that we started feeding this sleepyhead in her highchair - EEEE! Love having her up at the table with the family - she seemed to like being at our level, eating when we ate. I loved it so much.
when did this girl get so big?! And omg I know this is a bad iPhone shot but I had to post it - such a milestone to me!
After her lunchtime solids, it was time to test out the inflatable pool in the backyard. We had tested Beckett at a pool when she was super young and did fine, then 3 weeks ago and she freaked out. This time she freaked out, then accepted it, then had fun with her toys - love all her little faces!

Then Beckett went down for a nap and we made pesto for 70 people. haha Not on purpose, Austin just had so much so I used it all and ended up making 70 servings. We froze 66 of them, cooked 4, and ate 2 (the other 2 will be leftovers). We made 5 different batches with 4 different nuts: almonds, pine, walnuts and pecans, and froze the majority using Beckett's (really cousin Dane's!) ice cube trays!
We then had pesto for dinner (duh) - we did the almond one which, fun fact, makes the darkest green pesto. Good times! 

All in all, a great weekend with the family!! I hope you all had good ones, too!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? I just loved seeing Beckett interact with other babies at the party, with her new high chair, with new foods - it's just. so. fun!

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