Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gym, Becks' Photoshoot, Shipments, Rough Day

Tuesday was another great day! Normal morning with Miss Beckett then Infant Room for Beckett and gym for me.
This was a cardio class. I've burned more in the last two classes, but this one didn't make me feel sick afterwards so perhaps this was the right intensity for me!
Tuesday afternoon we got a couple of pictures of Beckett from her House of Mia photoshoot with Joleen! I promptly posted to Facebook - duh.

Can't wait to get the rest of the pics - eeeee! That was pretty much Tuesday!

Wednesday I finally got around to digging into our new arrivals - our Amazon Subscribe & Save boxes came as well as Beckett's Gap outfits!
Formula, pasta, larabars & greenies! The pasta and bars came out to less than $1 for each, greenies were a couple bucks cheaper than PetSmart and the formula was major savings - we got those 3 boxes + the tub with a pack in it for $101 - at the store - the boxes are $38 and the tub is $26 - so about $140... we pay $101
Diapers (she is moving to Size 3 now - crazy!); toilet paper (duh); and the aforementioned dog food (crazy good deal!)
Beckett's Baby Gap order also came in - eeee!
We were supposed to attend a playdate at Children's Adventure Gardens. I was absurdly prepared, car loaded the night before, anxious but excited to go somewhere new with BG... but the weather didn't cooperate. Turned out to be a blessing in disguised as Becks ended up having a tough day with an upset tummy combined with teething - she officially has a sharp little tooth popping through and she is NOT happy about it. She napped poorly and was fussy all day. And it rained and rained. So yes, we didn't get out and had a long day - eek! A compilation of iPhone shots:
top left: beckett trying to put all of her toys in her mouth at one time frantically to make that tooth feel better; top right: dad is home - he relieved me and held her and gave her her washcloth teethers for 30 minutes or so; bottom left - the moby seemed to make her feel better a bit - she just needed extra cuddles and attention for sure; bottom right - little smile, albeit one with her hands in her mouth, while being silly during peekaboo
Today has been a much better day for baby girl. She woke up happy and had a great morning, and during her midday awake time we went to Macy's to buy a wedding gift and Gap to hopefully get me just one dress. Just one. But no, after trying on 20 dresses (no joke) none fit right! Ugh, back to the drawing board. We raced home, had solids, and now Becks is taking her afternoon nap! Hoping to go to the gym this afternoon - woo!

Q: Your favorite place to buy dresses right now? Seriously. I need to buy some clothes that fit, especially for football season - woo!

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