Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beckett's Favorite Things Months 1 & 2

So I've been wanting to do this post for a while! I met Jessica, who writes at Little Baby Garvin, at a Mommy Lunch and immediately wanted to do the 'Favorite Things' idea!

A: Fisher Price swing - we borrowed this from our friends Mary & Jimmy and Beckett LOVED it. She napped in it frequently, swaddled up strapped into one side.
B: Skip Hop Activity Mat - we ended up buying two of these, one for upstairs and one for down. That's how much we use this. Early on, she loved to lie on her back and play with all of the hanging toys.
C: Swaddle Blankets - we actually swaddled her in the Moms on Call blankets, but these Aden + Anais blankets were used for everything from covering up her carseat, playing peekaboo, changepads - you name it. They're very thin and soft.
D: Baby jaR Burp Cloths - Beckett was a spitter upper and these were the thickest ones we had! Super cute, held their color after many, many washes and worked better than the Aden + Anais ones. We did like the 3 Marthas ones, too, as well as the SwaddleDesigns ones.
E: Tommee Tippie Bibs - we have a ton of these. Babies R Us ran a BOGO deal and we stocked up. They were especially great early on and kept her neck from getting wet/yeasty.
F: Butt Paste - we tried lots of different ones and these kept her most dry and it was odorless - big bonus as some smelled very medicinal.
G: Baby Einstein Bach - we are big Baby Einstein fans. Beckett has my old iPhone 3 on a dock in her room loaded up with Baby Einstein - her favorite is Bach.
H: Conair Sound Machine - we couldn't live without this Moms on Call recommendation. We use it for every nap, overnight, etc.
I: Aquatopia Thermometer - we use this for her daily bath to ensure the temperature is right - it works great!
J: The First Years Bottle Warmer - we use this for every bottle, so early on 8 bottles a day! My sister loaned us hers and we ended up getting a second one for Austin's parents house! I like that it grows with her and can do bigger bottles, baby food, etc.
K: Carter’s Zip-up PJs - we had tons of differnt PJs, some that snapped, some that buttoned, some from other stores- but the Carter's zip-ups whether in knit, terry cloth or fleece were the best!
L: Moms on Call Schedule & Swaddle Blanket - no way could we have done this without Moms on Call! The nurses came out to the house and showed us how to do saline, clip her nails, swaddle her, give her a bath and more. They helped us establish a bedtime routine and helped us get her on a schedule and had her sleeping through the night since 7 weeks. (Now, at 7 months old, she has been sleeping from 7/8 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night, even when we're out of town). We swear by them, their schedules (they even have an app!), their book and their blankets - we have 2 in case she spit up.
M: Johnson’s Natural Body Wash with Pump -  we love the nice, relaxing, light scent of this body wash that we use as shampoo, too - it's head to toe. It's never bothered her skin and the pump is very important when you're bathing in a big tub and holding baby with one hand.
N: Motorola Monitor - this camera has been wonderful! It was a gift from Austin's parents and we use it nonstop. We have two cameras - later we'll probably install one in her playroom, but for now it works great, has a clear picture and helps us know when to go in and check on our little one.
O: Glowworm - we didn't use a lot of toys in those first two months. We focused more on singing, reading, cuddling, etc. as Moms on Call said their favorite toy at that age is us! BUT, we did practice her 'eye tracking' a lot and this light up toy that played sweet tunes worked great, and it will definitely age with her.

That's that! Did we use other things? Absolutely! Pampers Swaddlers diapers and sensitive wipes, a Chicco infant seat from my sister Devon, tons of breastfeeding stuff and bottles, a bouncer (for bathtime mostly), a Graco Newborn Napper Elite pack & play with changing table for downstairs, two diaper genies for upstairs and downstairs, and the list goes on - but the items above were those key items that we really felt like made a big difference during those first two months. Here are a few pics of Beckett with some of these favorites:
Always rocking a Tommee Tippee Bib - even now, at 7 months
Zip-up Carter's PJs on Day 4
On her skip hop mat with her Aunt and her Gigi! You can also see two of her burp cloths - the polka one was a SwaddleDesigns and the elephant one is a jaR
Two of her swaddle blankets at the hospital on Day 2 making her bed softer and cuter!
Stay tuned for Months 3 - 6, hope to get those up this week and get caught up to my little 7-month old!

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