Monday, September 9, 2013

Gymming, Hanging with Friends, Beautiful Baby Shower

How is it Monday? I really don't know where the time is going! I felt like the end of last week was truly monopolized by some challenges that we're having with a contractor. I hope it is resolved soon. That kind of stuff just makes me sick to my stomach! We have worked with so many wonderful contractors and have always closed out jobs loving the final product and feeling like we got what we asked for. I don't know how this is going to turn out but I really hope the owner makes it right so we can move on and I can take a break from home renovations! Anyway, enough about that! Outside of the drama with the mailbox, here is what has been up!

Thursday: Fun day with sweet Beckett at the house! Around 3 we headed to the gym and Beckett had an hour with Miss Andrea while I did a sweaty incline walk during a Medium episode (love that show - soooo creepy but good!)
I do 5 minute "high" and 5 minute "low" repeat, and my low is now about a 4 and my high an 8!
After the gym me and Beckett played at home and then she took her 5 p.m. nap. I took a quick shower and then at 6 Austin got home and we all headed over to 5 Seasons to see Katie & Chris who were in town from Colorado!
So glad they got to meet Baby Beckett! We hadn't seen them since our January 2012 ski trip!
We could only stay for about 30 minutes before we had to head back home to get Beckett in her bath and to bed! Then we had a pizza & wine night! Great end to a great day!!

Friday: Another fun day with Baby Beckett - she is really sitting up well and has gotten SUPER vocal (e.g., her 'squeals of delight' are probably heard by our down the street neighbors haha). We had a pretty standard day, but did make it over the gym for a core class and Beckett had a quick 40 minutes with Miss Jill in the infant room. Afterwards we visited with Ashley and her daughter McKenzie before heading home for solids and a fun afternoon and evening in.

Saturday: I woke up early and hung out with Austin and Beckett, then headed over to an Insanity Class. It was GREAT - I love a class where I have lots of room to grow... this was definitely it. I can't even imagine being 25% as good as the teacher - amazing!
I took a quick shower at the gym afterwards, then went to the drycleaners and grocery store, before hanging out at home with the family until Andy & Monica came over! We hung out, watched the UGA game and Auburn game (wins for both!), and had a yummy salad and pasta dinner - fun!

Sunday: I stayed up too late to finish that Auburn game and definitely felt it - eek! I was sooo tired. I slept during Beckett's first nap which helped a lot, and then I was off to Sharon's baby shower! So much fun - the hostesses really went all out for her - great decorations! I forgot to take pics (eek!) but snagged these pics from Facebook. :)
Beautiful soon-to-be Mommy, adorable Watermelon elephant filled with fresh fruit, sweet candy bar, adorable drink station and the cutest decor - her hostesses really outdid themselves!
I got home just in time for Beckett's awake time after nap, and the three of us hung out, cooked, and relaxed - great Sunday!

Today: Fun day with Baby Beckett! My friend Crystal happened to be up this way for a doctor appointment so she came by and visited this morning, and then around 10:45 we headed over to the gym for a strength training class and Beckett had Miss Andrea at the Infant Room! Now we're home, Beckett is sleeping and I just finished dishes and cooking - woo! Perfect time to catch up on the blog!

I hope you're all having great weeks!! I'm not believing it's September and that, as of yesterday, my little baby girl is 7 MONTHS OLD - what?! Love her!!
I am SUPER happy about this 7-month birthday - woo!

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