Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lake Weekend: Killer Cardio, Two-A-Days

Hi! I am still working on my August Goal Assessment and can safely say at this point that September's goals will be very similar in that I fear I bit off way more than I could chew when I optimistically wrote those goals. Eek! In the meantime, I wanted to wrap up our lake weekend. SO much fun. Austin's parents have a great space there, with lots of outdoor areas, a hottub, a big floating dock (lots of which is shaded so Beckett can partake!), an outdoor fireplace, a bocce ball court - it is just such a wonderful, cozy space. His dad cooks almost every meal outside on the grills, and we eat good at the lake. Big pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, fresh fried okra and, I mean it, you name a veggie, it's sauteed from squash to mushrooms to peppers and onions. Great food and great wine. They are so generous and always bring favorites and new wines to try.

This lake trip originally wasn't going to take place. We were going to bring Beckett to her first Auburn game (not in the game, but to our best friend's house and other best friend's tailgate!). Austin's parents were going to visit Clemson for UGA's opener. However, the closer we got to the Auburn weekend the more nervous we got about the heat, Beckett's nap schedule, parking and just overall taking a 6-month-old to tailgate. We know people have done it before, and we admire it, but the heat was our #1 concern. We ultimately backed out, and Austin's parents mentioned Labor Day at the lake and that was that - we would drive over. Then, Austin's younger brother who lives in NY unexpectedly got off work Friday at 1 p.m. and was given the weekend! (he often works weekends). He called his dad and they worked it out to where he was on a flight out of LaGuardia at 3:15 p.m.!

All of that being said GREAT weekend with the family, Beckett did SO good adjusting to central time and taking her bottles and solids from her Mimi and Uncle Tyler. She even got in the lake! (for a minute!) And checked out the boat with Uncle Tyler and Poppa Paul (no, she did not boat on this trip!). It was so fun to have her there and to enjoy such a relaxing weekend. We got in Friday around 5, and got home Monday around 1 - a great visit! And of course, Michelle sent us home with so much food I didn't even have to go to the grocery store this week. LOL Here are some favorite shots from the weekend.
We've arrived! Beckett likes it there - her second lake visit! 
We brought her traveling jumperoo thanks to Ruje and Mark! She loved it and showed off some fancy footwork. How fitting that we used this for the first time at the lake when they are such lake people - great gift!
Taking it all in face. By the end of the weekend she was all over the place in this thing - hilarious!
Becks getting a lake dip. No crying at all. It's official, it's not water she dislikes, it's cold water. In fairness, who doesn't?
Our little Auburn girl with her daddy before kickoff. Special thanks to Megan for this adorable top!
Testing out her float at the lake with her dad and Uncle Tyler - you can't see her face but I swear it's content! She was kicking her legs and having a blast after a minute!
"Standing" in the boat with her Poppa Paul! This was part of a series of pictures of the two of them - all of them hilarious haha
Big grins from Beckett and her Uncle Tyler
You know the pups were there for the fun! They didn't get in the water on this trip but did enjoy running around outside and went down to the dock several times!
Me and my happy Baby Girl hanging on the dock
Morning shot of me and my three little cuties
Needless to say, while I did get in an abs class on Friday, I didn't exactly work out Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Instead I had the aforementioned great food and wine. SO, Tuesday it was back to the killer cardio class. I met up with Ashley there, as usual now (love new gym friends!), and this time Hanna met me there for the first time! She is from my mom's group and has been at Crossfit, but is back at Lifetime now - YAY! The three of us put ourselves through a great class!
major burn!
Tuesday also brought continued mailbox drama, continued unpacking, laundry and, it could probably go without saying but here goes: another great day with little Beckett. :)

Wednesday was much brighter. We had a bit of positive movement with the mailbox project that will not die, and I felt motivated! Got two recipes cooked, got returns ready for our mall trip, did dishes, trash - solid morning! Then Beckett and I headed to Perimeter to meet my old co-worker buddies Miranda and Majd.
I got caught up in conversation and Beckett's stinky diaper and forgot to take a picture of them with her (boo!), but had snapped this shot of me and an absurd amount of things I packed for our 2-hour voyage in a random stand-up mirror in the store by the elevator. Sidebar: I have become really good at finding elevators, they're pretty much in obscure, the-last-place-you'd-think-to-look places. After a great lunch (Chinese Chicken Salad!) and even better conversation (love those two!), me and Beckett were racing back home for her nap. After her nap we hit up the gym: Beckett to the Infant Room, me to the treadmill for a 2-mile incline walk followed by 15 minutes of alternating jump squats, bicep curls, jumping jacks and tricep extensions. Then we got home at 4:30 and Austin was home already from a Braves game! (work event!) We ate solids and played, and I texted Sharon - I could walk during Beckett's 5 p.m. nap!! Hence, a two-a-day, I walked over to Sharon's to return some stuff, then we took off on a 3+ mile walk.
856 calories burned today - woo!
Quite the busy day, but a fun day. Today we're staying close to the house so I can selfishly soak up all of most bit's awake time to myself. :)

Q: What was the highlight of your Labor Day Weekend?

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