Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Recap: Mailbox Woes, Shopping, Hanging

Woo! Another great week flew by! It was a little bit more busy than I had planned – I think I was so excited to no longer be sick that I packed in way too much! And we had a surprise visit from Austin’s mom – so fun! His Dad had a business trip in Atlanta so he dropped her with me and Beckett for a fun overnight visit! I also had 2 projects going on: (1) continuing to try to get our mailbox fixed from when our neighbor hit it in July; decided to upgrade to stone; (2) continuing to try to get our study done… the bookcases from Ikea are still not in and we don’t want to wait any longer! Sharon had bookshelves made, so I reached out to her guy and got the project rolling. Outside of the busy week, projects and the usual (taking care of my sweet baby girl!), here are the highlights of our week!

Saturday: Early morning walk Sharon – 4 miles – woo! (forgot HRM - eek!) Long visit with my mom – she came over to babysit Beckett but we had a few hours to hang before we left for Chris & Erin’s Wedding at The Georgian Terrace. LOVED seeing her and showing Beckett her mama’s mama. Had a great time at the wedding – such a cute couple with lots of supportive family and friends!

Sunday: Early morning movie with Mom and Austin (Oblivian - so glad she watched it - we LOVE IT), family trip to the grocery store (including a test of Beckett’s umbrella stroller – she loved it!), family trip to Ballard Designs for bookshelves (no luck!) cooking day!
Practicing using her stroller - hehe - SUCH a fan
Monday: Strength Training class with Ashley, dealing with the insurance company of the guy who hit our mailbox, ordering gifts online, contacting a bookcase builder, doing laundry, and a few errands: Walgreen’s for photos and drycleaning dropoff. SUCH a Monday for me and Miss Beckett!
Playing with dino!
Good burn for a great ST class
Tuesday: More bookshelf research and cleaning the soon-to-be office, intense cardio class, bill-paying and ledger updating, visit from Mimi Michelle – fall clothes shopping for Beckett at Northpoint’s Janie & Jack and Gap, visit to Sharon’s to see her new built-in bookcases, late night up with Michelle visiting and talking about bookshelves until 11:30 when Austin got home from his work dinner!
Burning through that class!
Sweet Sisters!
Practicing sitting up in dirty bib after solids hehe
Wednesday: Went with Mimi Michelle for another fall clothes shopping visit for Beckett, this time at Phipp’s Nordstrom and Janie & Jack; Austin came over to meet us girls at Nordstrom Café for a yummy lunch; visited with Austin’s Dad & co-worker Melissa at the house – glad she was there – we needed me, Michelle & Melissa – all 3 of us – to get Beckett out of this adorable Mudpie A-line dress that is officially too small for her. Haha She is SO big! Movie night to see the Great Gatsby at Chanel’s – she did a beautiful Paleo menu with great stuffed mushrooms, peppers, “BLT” skewers – so yummy! Mailbox building Day 1 of 3 – building the first foundation that was HUGE (e.g., mailbox would have ended up on the curb once stone was added) – had to reach out to owner with concerns…
Becks and Poppa Paul
I seriously loved this movie! Not as much as getting to visit with fun moms, but I enjoyed it - just love that story - so sad!
One of Beckett's new Mini Boden Fall 6 - 9 month outfits thanks to Mimi!
Thursday: MAJOR packing – time to get ready for a weekend at the lake! Walk with Ashley and adorable, one-year-old McKenzie. Walk cut short due to mosquitos and heat – eek! Visit from bookcase builder to measure our space – eeeee! Mailbox building Day 2 of 3 – building a new foundation with a smaller mailbox and starting the stone.
I seriously loath this project. And, for the record, the final product is not at all what we want and I have to reach out to them again so they can help me understand why it's 2 different colors, why I can take stone out of it with my hands, why it's covered in more cement than stone... etc. OY
Friday: Finish packing! Abs class with Ashley - LOVE this class – she incorporates so many lunges and squats and makes them core – ugh. I was sore for days after. Raced home, fed me and Beckett lunch, loaded up the pups and Becks and headed out at 12:30 p.m. – to traffic… My 25-minute drive to Austin’s office took an hour… then we had to take 75 to 285 to avoid accidents. Ugh! It was all worth it though – we arrived at the lake around 5 p.m., put Beckett down for a nap, and had a great night hanging with Austin's parents and his brother flew in last minute from NY - love seeing him!
Abs class!
We made it to the lake - YAY!
Going to finish the weekend recap with photos tomorrow. No wi-fi at the lake so I'm so behind on blogging -eek!! I hope you all had wonderful Labor Day Weekends! Ours was so relaxing - so fun to have Beckett there - makes everything new and even more fun!

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