Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Recap: Mom's Week?

I can almost call this week 'Mom's Week.' Truly! From a birthday party and book club to workouts and consignment sales I got to spend so much of my week with my new mommy friends. It's great to meet so many wonderful new friends who are in the exact same place as me, and some even further along and so incredibly helpful with advice. Who knew there were so many women staying at home with their little ones? I certainly didn't, but don't feel nearly as alone as I thought I might, and instead feel much more supported and understood then I expected. Me and Beckett are some lucky ladies!

Saturday: Pizza party at Andy & Monica's! They make AMAZING pizzas on their green egg. YUMMY.
No pics from the pizza party (boo!) but do have this shot of Beck Beck before we headed over on the rainy Saturday!
Sunday: Jake's first birthday party! Had a great time celebrating this little guy and seeing some of my mommy friends and their awesome kiddos!
little cowgirl
Me and Becks with sweet Sarah & Gavin
Becks and her Daddy
Group shot!
Monday: Infant room for Becks while I took a 1-hour Strength Training Class - LOVE that class! That afternoon Beckett and I met Leigh Anne, another mom in my mommy group - Beckett had fun playing with her 1-year-old twin daughters' awesome toys!
High cal burn for an ST class. I'm going to blame the walking lunges, walk outs & squat series
Tuesday: Infant room for Becks while I took a 1-hour Cardio Class - worked out SUPER hard - yay! That night I had book club with my mom's group - we reviewed Gone Girl - LOVED IT. Great to hang out with the other moms!

TOUGH class.
Wednesday: Sick. Major allergy attack. Didn't sleep the night before. Rough, rough day. Doing good to be cheerful when Beckett was awake! BOO.
Determined little drooler doing tummy time. How can this not put you in a good mood even if you're sick?!
Thursday: Rest day. No workouts. Started feeling better. Was able to go out with some moms to a consignment shop - yay! And got some sweet shots of Miss Beckett - love taking pictures of my little doll!

All of this for $35. crazy.
Friday: Not 100% but MUCH better. Met Ashley at the gym for a core class.
Beckett has a new favorite combo: sweet potatoes & apples. But really? She just wants to eat the spoon. Two teeth on bottom and one coming in on top - what?!
That's our week so far! Beckett will be up in 10 minutes so I've gotta run! Hope you all had wonderful weeks!!

Q: It's Friday! Whatcha up to?! We are having a chill night tonight but have a walk tomorrow morning with Sharon, visit with my mom in the afternoon, and a wedding Saturday night - woo! 

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