Saturday, August 17, 2013

Packed, Fun Week with Family & Friends!

WOO - major backing up to do. For real, how is it Saturday?!

Tuesday was another awesome day with this nugget... Yes, I'm obsessed with her.
Most of our day was spent with these guys. Yes, Reuben and Remy needed grooms BAD. Beckett is only awake 3 times a day. So, her morning awake time was spent with me dropping them off!
Then we spent her mid-morning awake time at the gym - woo! I did the cardio class and unfortunately my HRM didn't cooperate. However, I feel certain I burned at least 550 calories (usually burn between 550 and 700 so there ya go!). Ashley (gym friend!) took the class with me and we heard after that Beckett and Ashley's daughter, McKenzie, hung out! So cute!

That night I made this yummy pizza - LOVE - Austin's fresh tomatoes pretty much make it.
All in all, a wonderful Tuesday!

Wednesday was even better! We took a break from the gym and stayed home in the morning, and ran a short errand in the afternoon before Austin's mom got in town - YAY! Beckett loves her Mimi! We visited with Michelle for a bit, then Beckett went down for her afternoon nap at 1 p.m. I got ready and headed out around 2:30 p.m. for Chiropractor at 3, shopping until 5, a wedding shower from 5 - 6:30 at Brio and then dinner with the Blancos at Joey D's Oakroom! Such a wonderful day and I am so grateful to Michelle for being with Miss Beckett and giving us the opportunity to go out with friends and not worry about Beckett for a second. It was wonderful and I can see why people insist date nights are so important! More on shopping later, but I had a wonderful time at the shower celebrating Chris and Erin and seeing my old co-workers, and an awesome time with Mon and Andy! No pictures (I suck!), but a great, great day! And Michelle reported that all went well with Beckett - perfect end to a wonderful night!

Thursday was our chill day in after such a whirlwind Tuesday and Wednesday! Me, Michelle and Beckett spent the morning together, then I headed out to the gym for a great incline walk! (No infant room for Becks - she stayed back with her Mimi!)
I can honestly tell that pushing myself on the treadmill makes a HUGE difference. Walking at 9 vs. 3 is like night and day. Yes, I don't go as far BUT I burn more!
When I was pulling back in at the house Aunt Sharon pulled up! Us 4 girls spent the day together, chilling with Miss Beckett, visiting and eating an enchilada casserole for lunch! Before we knew it was 3 p.m. - time for Beckett's 6-month pediatrician appointment!
sweet girl is so sad post-shots. I truly think it hurts her feelings. :(
In a nutshell: Beckett is tall (95th percentile); Beckett is thin (50th percentile); Beckett hates shots; Beckett is healthy, thriving and developing just as can be expected - YAY! Wonderful little girl! After the doctor we hung out with our drowsy little girl until her nap, then I got to cooking a few meals, including pesto dinner! Austin got home and we did Beckett's bath and bottle for bedtime, then me, Austin & Michelle had a bottle of wine and visited until it was bedtime - such a great time!

FridayI woke up SUPER early to get ready to head down to Austin's office. I had to do a biometric screening for medical insurance and you have to fast prior so, needless to say, the earlier the better! After I stayed and met several of Austin's co-workers, boss, assistant, etc., and got to see one of his old co-workers from years back at another company - it was like nothing had changed - loved catching up with people when it's been entirely too long! I headed back home and Michelle was all packed and ready - we loaded Beckett in and the three of us headed back down to Austin's office - this time for an early lunch! Austin came over, Austin's Dad drove over from Chateau Elan and we had a great lunch at Houston's
Beckett loved seeing her dad during the day! I was a little nervous about eating there (taking a baby to a place with valet-only can be scary) BUT there were a few other kids and she really behaved, and Michelle was a HUGE help holding her almost the whole time! 
Afterwards I raced BG home for a nap, and then that afternoon we went for a 4-mile walk with our new friends Ashley and McKenzie! I met Ashley at our gym - we take a lot of the same classes, and her 13-month old goes with her! We had a great walk, although our little girls both got fussy midway through. What are you going to do? At least they're cute! :) After our walk Beckett napped and then we hung out, Austin got home, and we went to bed early - I was just exhausted from the week!

Woo! So yes, lots of being out and about, lots of workouts, and lots of time with family and my sweet baby - SUCH a wonderful week!

Hope you're all having great Saturdays!!

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