Sunday, September 15, 2013

Closing Out Another Amazing Week; Weight Update

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all having great days, weather and fun with family and friends! We're having a restful day in - just what we need after this great week! Recap time!

Monday: Fun visit from Crystal; Strength Training Class at gym with Beckett at infant room with Miss Andrea; fun with our O-ball.

ST Class burn
Tuesday: Beckett is congested! Boo - time to get out the NoseFrida. This picture cracks me UP. So gross looking but yet so not gross and very effective.
hehe I swear their snot doesn't go in your mouth!
Later that morning she felt better, so we went to the gym for a cardio class and Beckett had Miss Jill in the infant room!
Great burn, great class - try my hardest to never miss a Tuesday!
That night, I headed out to a much-needed massage. OMG Love them, and love having them at 7:30 so I don't miss time with my girl!
heart this bug!
Wednesday: Austin had a work happy hour so it was me and Beckett from beginning to end! What to do? Meet Aunt Devon and Cousin Dane at the zoo! We had a great visit, and then after her afternoon nap we hit up the chiropractor. Great day with little bit.
haha how Devon got Beckett in that picture hole I'll never know - so hilarious
Beckett loved this bird area - they were loose and flying all around the area. I don't know what she liked more, their chirps or seeing them fly by!
Thursday: Another day with Beckett from beginning to end - Austin had a 5K, the Kaiser Permanente run at Turner Field! I stayed back with sweet Beckett, but we did absolutely support him!
Our day consisted of lots of 1:1, as well as a visit to the gym. I did 40 minutes of Zumba before someone had a stinky diaper! Then I hopped on a treadmill for some incline walkin'!

Friday: Time for a playdate! Splash park fun, followed by an outdoor lunch at the pavilion and some swinging!
Can't wait to get go back - Beckett had so. much. fun. She was truly all smiles!
We headed home and put Beckett down from her big adventure. After her long, 2-hour afternoon nap, we had her bottle and then headed over to the hair salon at 3:30 - time to get 6+ inches cut OFF!
Post haircut on the way home - OMG my head felt so much lighter and my neck felt less strained. true story.
Austin got home at 6 and couldn't wait to have Beckett time after 2 nights without seeing her. After her bath and bedtime, we tried a new Zin called The Fugitive. Pretty good wine, but even better to catch up on our busy weeks and look at Beckett's photos from her zoo and playdate adventures!

Saturday: BEAUTIFUL day. Got up early and hit up an Insanity Class. Forgot my HRM - grrrr, but I can assure you I burned being that I felt almost sick/dizzy/as though I may throw up during and after class. Is that healthy? LOL After Insanity and a really long shower, we spent the morning with Beckett. I made banana protein smoothies and we sat outside on her blanket and played, then put her in her stroller and took the pups for a walk - SUCH a great morning.
Pajama party in the backyard? Yes, yes we will! Not a CLOUD in the sky!
Afterwards we put sleepy girl down for a nap and got ready for a 'Wine Party' with Austin's co-workers. It was our first time having a babysitter and we were super nervous, but one of my favorite ladies at the gym babysits too, so Miss Andrea came here - perfect! Andrea said Beckett did great, and her and the pups seemed super happy. In the meantime, we had so much fun with Austin's co-workers - Karen went all out serving up some excellent wines, cheeses, meats and lots of different salads, grilled sliders, you name it! After the party we spent time with Beckett before bedtime then watched Auburn WIN for the THIRD time in a row - woo!

GREAT week, and wonderful Saturday! Now we're having a chill day in - much needed! Quick Weight Update: Another new number 4 days in a row - 141! Brief weight history reminder: 

  • February: 149 post-baby  after freaky 36-pounds-in-two-weeks weight loss
  • April, May and most of June: 148 despite workout efforts
  • June 22: Still 148 and over it. Me, Monica and Austin put together a workout plan to step it up!
  • July 31: 143; was very happy with this 5-pound in 5 weeks weight loss
  • August 21: 142; finally a new number;  it. took. forrreeeevvveerrrr to lose that pound.
  • September 11: 141; was excited to see another pound drop - so close to the 130's - woo!
Yes, 2 pounds in 1.5 months isn't exactly 'rapid weight loss.' haha But, I'm working hard and the number is going in the right direction and that's good for me! Beckett is now 31 weeks old. I'll be excited to see where I'm at when she's 40 weeks and i'm on the other side of pre-pregnancy!

Q: What's the most weight you've ever had to lose? How long did it take you?

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