Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paleo, Book Club, Lots of Baby Play

Hope you're all having great weeks! I'm loving this week - I don't know if it's the persistent sunshine combined with the awesome, cool weather but I have been extra happy this week! Backing up:

Sunday: I decided it was time to start eating more 'whole' again. I had gone Paleo before (twice I think LOL) and it was time to do it again. I pulled up some mealplans from last time, hit the grocery store and cooked a few recipes - I was ready!
A day of Paleo: paleo beanless chili, sausage/egg/mushroom hash, grapes, pesto chicken and tomatoes; buffalo chicken with celery; avocado slices and a larabar
Me and all my sweet babies
Monday: Paleo Day 1 - great day! Lots of cooking and a strength training class.
A slightly unappetizing looking breakfast but I swear it was good! lol
ST class burn
Tuesday: Paleo Day 2 - another great day! Cardio class with Ashley & Hanna, family walk with Austin, Becks & the pups; visit with sweet neighbor Shana, and Mom's Group Book Club at Chanel's! Such a fun, friend-filled day.
major calorie torch in cardio class
Family walk!
Part of Chanel's awesome food display!
Book club mamas!
Wednesday: Paleo Day 3 - feeling majorly carb hungover but wasn't ready to give up! Just had more fruit than usual and moved on - although I wanted pasta with a side of rice covered in cheese. LOL We had a playdate with Meghan and Harper that morning - SO fun. Took a break from the gym - so sore from Monday & Tuesday. Did visit the swingset again with Becks - she loves it! And we did another family walk - I think they're going to become everyday - so nice!
Afternoon play with boppy support!
Today: Paleo Day 4 - hanging with Beckett and our happy fur puppies! Beckett said her first "word" - a series of 'dadada' - very exciting! Then we had another trip to the swings - she can't get enough!

Now we're off to the gym! Looking forward to a sweaty incline walk and I know Beckett will have fun at the infant room - it's super dead in the afternoon so she gets 1:1 time!!

Q: What has been the highlight of your week?! Mine is hard to pin down - I'm just loving so much time with Beckett and the pups, loving the family walks, and enjoying my new friends - great week!

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