Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 1: Back on Track; March To-Dos

Hi, friends! Thanks so much for welcoming me back - I appreciate you and your support. Also, I appreciate your kind words - it means so much! :)

So, Day 1, looking forward here is how I kind of plan to set up my posts. First, a pic from yesterday. Why not?
Me and my lady bug walking into church; I think she looks precious and I look bitchy - was talking to Austin! ha
My Number today: Yes, I know it's not for everyone. But for me it's a quantitative look at where i'm shaking out this Monday morning which we'll call Day 1 - don't you just love a clean slate?
What I ate: Yesterday wasn't clean. At all. Started with a whole wheat English muffin + avocado + sausage + 1 egg + cantaloupe; followed by half a luna bar en route to church. Lunch was a slice of leftover pizza + spinach salad. Snack was 4 thin mints. Damn those girl scouts. Dinner was my favorite - spicy salmon roll followed by grapes. So not absolutely horrible, but definitely not "i'm tracking and being responsible and holding myself accountable to eat clean to lose 5-10 pounds" kinda eating. Just saying. LOL

Fitness/Steps: I don't normally work out on Sunday but do like to do light activity - a walk or what not. Today I walked for 30 minutes and stayed active around the house including cleaning out the garage! We also went to church,, PetSmart, Goodwill donations and the playground! Per fitbit, I ended up at 9,157 steps and 1,901 calories burned.

Organizing Update: Something I've been doing that is really working is a Master To-do list. You know - sitting down and identifying what things, as a family, we need to do in January, February, March and so on and so forth. I built it throughout last year as we were doing things and being more reactive than proactive but I enjoyed knowing I would have it in place next year. This is NOT a list of one-offs or a list of things that can be done at any month like a haircut. It's truly things that you want  or need to do annually during a specific month of the year. Think 'taxes' in March or 'decorate Christmas tree' in December (which create earlier To-dos like 'gather tax materials' in February and 'gather Christmas decorations and purchase anything missing or broken' in November. With that said, here is what is on our list for March - it's a light month which I love.
  • Spring clean. Clean out bathroom cabinets; clean out junk drawer (s); wipe down kitchen cabinets; clean oven and refrigerator.
  • Taxes with accountant.
  • Confirm spring vacation plans & Easter plans.
  • Get out green for St. Patrick’s Day (buy Beckett outfit if needed)
  • Get out Easter dresses for Beckett’s events (buy outfits if needed); also get out basket 
  • Stuff eggs. For Beckett's family hunt; friend hunt; and for the church for the big church hunt
  • Pressure wash the patio.
  • Get excited about Daylight Saving Time!
I am seriously pumped about Daylight Saving Time and having that extra hour to spend outdoors on dog walks, at the playground, eating dinner outside, etc. I got such bad cabin fever this winter and am ready for  this change!

Q: What does your family look forward to in March - anything missing from our family's list?!

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