Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 2: Getting Started with Values-Based Intentions

Hello! Just kicking off Day 2, starting with a pic from yesterday!
Selfie at Deadpool showing at 5 p.m. - had the place to ourselves for sure!
My Number today: same as yesterday!
What I ate: Yesterday was better! Like usual, knowing that I was going to post what I ate helped me not eat as poorly as I would have otherwise. Accountability is a miracle. Even if know one reads it you're putting it out there. Weird! Anyway. Breakfast was carbless: 2-egg omelet with ham, mushrooms and a little grated cheddar cheese; Lunch was a flat out wrap pizza with sauce, turkey pepperoni, red onion, banana peppers and a little mozzarella cheese; snack was 4 thin mints (LOL) and a banana. Then it took a turn as dinner became about 2 cups of movie theater popcorn + a slice of pesto + mushroom pizza & 2 glasses of wine. Not awful for a somewhat spontaneous date night with Austin (My awesome MIL came in town so we took in a 5 p.m. movie + dinner + drinks).

Fitness/Steps: I LOVE to take group fitness class on Monday. I truly need someone else to push me or i'll just waste time being lazy on a treadmill. Today I took a one-hour class - half step and half strength. I love some step. Per fitbit, I ended up at 13,872 steps and 2,270 calories burned.

Organizing Update: In addition to the Master To-Do List I talked about yesterday, I have been finding so much inspiration in Jess Lively's podcasts. Anyone listen? She's all about creating values-based intentions and only doing what really, really matters to you instead of all the other shit that comes your way that may be important to other people but not you. And that's okay. It's very freeing to hear her (and her guests) discuss mental health and topics ranging from how to set boundaries to how to eat intuitively.

Listening to her podcasts has led me to getting more steps as she can join me on walks! I have listened to most of her podcasts, but also wrote down the numbers to my favorites that inspire me even on the fourth or fifth listen! I have taken a couple of her workshops and just love it. If you're interested in building your very own values-based intentions, start with this post of hers - it's how I went down the rabbit hole! More on it all later for sure as it's become a huge part of my thinking!

Also, this has been inspiring me. 
Source: IG post on productivity planner
So true, right? I am working so hard to be a good wife, mother, employee, etc.; to be healthy, fit, generous, productive; to be happy, to relax to have fun, and the list goes on - SO MANY THINGS I have going on in attempts to be my best self. I just don't really want to invest time and energy in talking bad about other people who, like me, are probably in progress to be their best selves! I do take issue with "so busy" in the quote, but more on that later! :)

Q: Who is inspiring you to be your best you - any authors, podcasters, or Instagrammers I should be following?!


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