Saturday, October 25, 2008

October Goals? CHECK!

So on 10/1 I did September’s assessment and posted October’s goals, and on 10/13 I checked them out again. I put them a sidebar on the blog and have been marking them off as I do them… and as of today, I’m done! Here’s a quick look – yay!!

  1. Start tracking measurements OR BMI… not sure which. DONE. I decided to measure on the 15th and last day of each month. I did it on the 15th and plan to keep it up!

  2. Have NO low nutrition days. DONE. non-issue. :)

  3. Have 7 or less high nutrition days. I made this an N/A on 10/13 as I’d already had 7! Eek! But since then I’ve only had one – 8 so far for October! I just need to reevaluate this goal I think….

  4. Work out at least 1 day on vacation (have 3 trips planned). N/A as so many trips fell through. This will be a great goal for November though.

  5. Lose 4 pounds to weigh 122. DONE as of yesterday 10/24.

  6. Do 50 miles of cardio (2.5 miles on 20 of 31 days). DONE as of 10/23 when I hit 51.5 miles. (still going to keep it up though – but I decided to make Friday an OFF day – yay! Going today though...)

  7. Make 3 new Hungry Girl recipes. DONE made a bunch of hers and others and loved most of them!

  8. Make 3 new snacks. DONE mostly just adding in vegetables/fruits which used to kind of scare me.

  9. Switch from Whiskey to Vodka. DONE.

  10. Limit beer to 3/weekend. DONE.

I’m going to leave these on the side until they’re replaced with November’s goals on Nov. 1…. which I’m still thinking of! So all in all – one goal was clearly not accomplished – too many high nutrition days. So this is definitely something I’ll watch for November. But I think instead I’ll give myself 8 days a month (i.e. 2 days/week) and just set a different calorie high like maybe 1,800. So even though it’s a “high day” – it’s only 250 more than goal (i.e. 3 drinks!) so it’s not that much of a biggie. Hmmmm. Am I tricking my own system or does this make good sense?? Haha Who knows. I love my system though. Obsessive? Probably. Annoying? Maybe. Strict? Likely. Either way – I’m happy to report that I think my system is working for me.

I need to go do Thursday and Friday's assessments now! :)


Gina said...

CONGRATS on all of your accomplishments :D

Big Pissy said...

I KNEW you'd do it!

Not a bit surprised.

Still: CONGRATS!!!! ;-)

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, Gina! :) Your blog is so inspiring so thank YOU for that!

hehe Thanks, Pissy. haha I'm kind of that way once i'm TOTALLY fed up with myself! haha I appreciate your support!