Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ex-Mole Woes, Banana Finds

And... it's Thursday again - for REAL?! I'm over these weeks just flying by! Not going to lie, my week has been pretty much dominated by two things: 

  1. My ex-mole
  2. My sickness (i.e. some nasty cold/sinusy thing)
This photo was NOT taken today - it was taken the last time I felt this bad. Differences: My bedding is now green, Add a poodle as we now have Remy as well (a YEAR last week!), my hair is longer and I weigh 2 more pounds today than I did here on October 23, 2009 (119 then vs. 121 today). Coincidence on the date? I think NOT - I always get sick this time of year and the blog proves it!
Yes, you heard it here first, I'm. Falling. Apart. Not to be whiney though - here's how the week went down:

Monday: Early start, 1.5-mile run, abs, then just work, work, work! We're interviewing at work so I met lots of new people that day and stayed BUSY.

Tuesday: a.m. spin class! Then work, working through lunch and off to my doctor appointment. I immediately found out that I wasn't to travel or exercise for 3-4 days. What?! Then they got to work with a needle in my face to remove the mole, for real (no surface). I hate that weird feeling where you're there, but you're not, and you can feel it, but you can't and it's like someone is threading your face up and tugging and pulling - UGH. Gross, right? Anyway, afterwards I felt gross, woozy and exhausted - home to PJs. (I get the sutures out next Tuesday; they will either be done or they'll recut and i'll have more sutures for another week). I'll keep you posted and can not thank you enough for your sweet comments and emails. It has meant SO much to me, and has made me feel a lot better about everything!! (especially those of you had similar experiences that turned out A-OKAY!)

Wednesday: I woke up feeling awful; didn't really sleep the night before (i'm a side sleeper who can't sleep on my side due to ex-mole - grrrr.) And I never sleep good on pain medication. SO, I was a real PEACH on Wednesday with no sleep and no workouts. I DID run a few errands during lunch, which led to MAJOR deals at banana republic. Enter a $50 shirt, on sale for $35 and $80 cropped slacks on sale for $35, with a $20 banana gift card SO $50 outfit - voila! 
these in black with...
This shirt in a charcoal gray
Add a $12 Target skinny black belt, black pointy-toe heels and my gray/silverish coach that i'm still obsessing over and I was golden!
Has some in SO much handy! When I got it I purchased a black one the same day and just KNEW i'd wear the black one more. Alas, this gray one has been my #1 buddy - goes SO well with all of my black clothes (of which there are many - it's my fave color!).
And on to today - headed in for interviews, walked 2 miles with Stacy and did very light arm work (Doc said walking was cool. just no running. or spinning. or heavy lifting. sad). Then it was work, work and more work - I actually just got done working!

Why I'm kind of down: outside of feeling sick/not sleeping well, I missed SO MUCH this week. Right now, i'm missing Katie & Cush's get together (they're in town visiting from Colorado). Last night I missed book club at Jackie's -  I SO wanted to go, catch up with the girls, have her Halloween-inspired meal but no luck. And this weekend is supposed to be an Auburn weekend for the Ole Miss game - a weekend with the Cardens and Veloti (even little Emma) but alas, i'm staying here. BOO. Maybe it's a sign? I must look on the positive and pretend that i'm choosing this "staycation" - right? Right.

Q: Do you get seriously stressed when you are told you can't work out? I was like um... uh-oh! That's how I get my stress relief. It's my outlet. Sigh.

Q: Are you sick? Is there at time of year you always get sick? Check your blog! LOL

Q: What are you up to this weekend? You know what i'll be doing - lots of casa-time.

On another note, I have THREE recipes to share - hope to post tomorrow - and A BABILLION posts in my reader - hope to tackle this weekend! And I hope you all are getting ready for fun, relaxing weekends!!

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