Friday, July 5, 2013

June 2013 Goal Assessment; July Goals!

Happy post-fourth of July Thursday! I hope you're having a good day!  We have had some gross weather here - like 100% "chance" of rain each day. Needless to say, our fourth of July plans were rained out and we ended up spending the day at home. Lame. I DID get out for some errands, in the rain with umbrella, but short of that it was a pretty dull day! Looking back on June, I had a good month! I am definitely still working through the transition from full-time employee to full-time stay-at-home-mom. I have explained it to friends as "trying to find the balance between feeling cooped up/lonely and overextended/stressed." I'm sure I'll find a rhythm that makes sense and feels right soon! In the meantime, here is a look at what we set out to do in June, and what we accomplished!

1. Finish organizing closet around what fits; return all maternity clothes I'm going to mark this as done although I do still need to get with my friend Karly to return her clothes!
2. Do full month of household budget; see how it goes! Can't count this as done as June was weird/I was still being paid/etc. At this rate, it seems August will be the first time we do this so i'll move to that month!
3. Read 3 books I only read two and still need to do the book reviews - eek! 
4. Finish thank you cards Need to finish these up!
5. Take family photos! DONE
6. Follow May 2013 Workout Plan!! I would say 'done' on this ontine - I made a new plan and stuck to it as best I could - I am proud of myself for trying out so many new classes - it's always scary at first but I did it!
7. Finalize Beckett's activity plans; make sensory bags; make "art"; make faces book I didn't make the art or faces book, but did make her activity plans and sensory bags - we had so much fun this month!
8. Research Amazon Subscribe & Save; coupon sites; etc. Did a lot of work here and am already saving money! 

Like last month, a lot went on this month!

June 1: Dinner with Monica and Andy and Memorialpalooza visit with Jason and Crystal and their son Grady June 2: Visit from Ruje! So sweet for Beckett to meet her - love it; 4-mile walk with Sharon
June 3: 3-mile treadmill walk before work; 3-mile walk with Sharon after work!
June 4: 3-mile treadmill walk before work
June 5: 3-mile treadmill walk before work; Another job for Beckett! This one for a Baby Einstein swing! June 6: My going away party at Brio!
June 7: My last day at ATC; sweet team lunch at Brooklyn Cafe
June 8: Beckett is 4 months old! Family photo shoot with Zach Porter Photography! Visit with the Porters and their son Dane
June 10: First day of new job! First day of Austin's new job! Lunch with an old co-worker at Capital Grille and evening walk with Sharon
 June 11: Another job for Beckett - this one for two Bright Starts bouncer seats
June 12: Morning walk with Chanel and her baby Henry; day of fun with Monica, including the grocery story and chilling and chatting at the house
June 14: Beckett's 4-month pediatrician appointment! 14.1 pounds and 25" long - healthy girl!; family walk! June 15: 3-mile treadmill walk
 June 16: Father's Day! Family day, golf for Austin and dinner out; visit from my Stepdad Mike and his wife Ann
June 18: Lunch at Cheeky with Sarah & Jessica and their babies Gavin and Harper
June 20: Visit from Gigi, Aunt Devon and Cousin Dane!
June 21: Another job for Beckett! This one for a pack & play; lunch with old co-worker Ali!
June 22: Started solids!
June 23: 4-mile walk with Sharon
June 24: Spin class
June 25: Lunch with an old co-worker Justine!
June 26: Functional Integrated Training Class; 4-mile walk with Sharon
June 27: Zumba Class
June 28: Core class + 2-mile walk
June 29: 4-mile walk with Sharon

Other than that, random things were done!
  • Lots of errands (duh)
  • Work to move things over due to new job stuff (e.g., moving from my insurance to Austin's; moving auto bill pays to joint credit card and bank accounts; working with HR to reconcile final paychecks; getting a new non-company cell phone and plan; getting a new laptop, etc.)
  • LOTS of effort put toward our new 'study' (takes place of new living room which took place of pool table)
  • Did emissions testing and all for new tag (lame); Pest Control; etc.
  • Lined Beckett's curtains with blackout curtains 
  • Updated my reader as Google Reader went away - sad day!
  • Became addicted to Game of Thrones. o. m. g. 
So what are the July goals?

1. Clean out attic, garage, cabinets, drawers and all closets - declutter, declutter, declutter!
2. Finish thank you cards
3. Finish David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' and apply principles to Wunderlist/Google Calendar/etc.
4. Follow July 2013 Summer Workout Plan!
5Do new activities with Beckett: make "foot art"; make faces book; flour pat; water play; etc.
6. Make Beckett's Memory Box and Catch up on her Monthly Favorites.
7. Find, Healthify, Make and Post 5 - 7 new recipes (in a cooking mood!).
8. Finalize office plans; purchase all needed furniture, items, etc.; print and frame family/Beckett photos.

And I can't leave without a few favorite Beckett photos... :)

Beckett loves her daddy!
And smiling!
And rolling over to her tummy!
And trying solids, especially rice, oats and squash. Hold the pears!
WOO - what a great month with lots of change but good change!!!

Q: What's are your plans for July?

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